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  1. I had no idea that Daredevils were the ones obsessed with fire, handy that it doesn't hurt them though. Also, did she change clothes while she was on fire?

    I saw Spike, right? Don't know about the other one…

  2. …at least she had some fun 😀
    First of all, I loved the title. It fits the chapter perfectly (and I even had the song in my head the second I read t)!
    This whole thing about daredevils loving fire is new to me, too. So far, I haven't played with daredevils very often, so I didn't explore many features. Usually I stick to the same 10 traits (which are mostly boring 🙁 ).
    Please play ahead soon 😀 I read your answer that you didn't play much further than this, but I hope you'll change that soon.
    Btw, my new founder is up and running, right now I'm furnishing the house. 🙂
    One vampire looked like Spike, and the other one (Rick something) looked a little like one from the Twilight series. 😀

  3. I guess the celebrity thing was a trick question because of Rick Lugosi. He's an EA sim based on Bella Lugosi, the original movie Dracula.

    The two sims *I* added to the game were Chris Whoovian, the 9th Doctor Who, and William Pierce, Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. You both got Spike! Yay! I'm a big Spike fan, and my fandom is kind of fresh because I only watched the whole show about three years ago. I created a household with the best sims I could find of Angel, Buffy, Spike, and Dawn. Angel and Spike are vampire brothers Anton and William Pierce. Buffy is Beatrice Saunders, and Dawn is Dawn Saunders. Anton is Beatrice's ex-boyfriend and William is her current boyfriend. Just to make it clear where my loyalties lie 🙂 :).

    I am, however, perfectly willing to break up William and Beatrice if he wins the poll. The sim likeness is really striking, and while Spike is hot, he also has a really distinctive face.

    I dropped the 9th, 10th, and 11th Doctors Who in the game as the Whoovian brothers Chris, David, and Matt. Chris is a werewolf, David a witch, and Matt a fairy. I'm considering sending Allison off to visit the Whoovian house to see if she hits it off with either of the other Whoovians. But maybe that's too much. I'm ready to pick a mate 🙂 :).

  4. Oh, yeah, and Allison did change from swimwear to athleticwear WHILE SHE WAS ON FIRE. I couldn't come up with anything to say about that, even for an Insane sim, so I just didn't mention it :).

  5. Ah-ha! I thought of Bela Lugosi but then thought "he's not really a character from a show…". I seriously kept looking at him thinking that I should just say nosferatu or something!

    Spuffy! One of my favorite BTVS couples!

  6. That is quite funny about the daredevil trait. I have had a few but always avoid fires if possible so I didn't know they could play with it; very useful to know.

    Enjoying the pictures 🙂

  7. I was thinking about the Dr. Who thing and decided that you should also include Captain Jack. I've never really watched any of the shows, but John Barrowman is adorable.

  8. OOooOOh! Captain Jack! John Borrowman really floats my boat. Somebody MUST have done a Captain Jack sim. I will look and hold him in reserve for future generations :). I'd have to really take a look at his face to see if he qualifies as INTERESTING rather than just HOT.

  9. Then again, almost all sims who are built to match real people come out more interesting than generic EA sims. The designers have to use much more subtle face slider features to get resemblance.

  10. True. It would be sad to have a Captain Jack who didn't look right. There are only a few times that I want sims to be photo-realistic, but this might be one of them!

  11. Yeah, Eppy, I'd never have actually tested out the can't-be-killed-by-fire thing if I didn't read it someplace first. My usual goal is for sims not to catch on fire, and if so, extinguish themselves immediately.

  12. That was really funny. I have daredevils quite a bit, but not insane ones. I am totally going to have to bring back the insanity with Gen. 5 of the Tarts.

  13. I'm glad you like it! I'm not sure how I feel about locking in one trait for all the descendants in the legacy, but since I went with the Alice in Wonderland madness theme, I'm pretty much stuck with it. Fortunately, Insanity is very entertaining.

  14. Omg this is hilarious! I like how you've taken the concept of madness in Alice in Wonderland (Allison Wonderland is a very clever name, by the way) and made Allison mad herself. The first thing I noticed was your current patroness picture, the second picture in this post- Allison is definitely a pretty Sim but the slight contortion of her face indicates that something's not quite right with her. Done analyzing lol.

    P.S. Great job for not stressing on this story too much, like you mentioned in your first post. That's what I often do, concoct stories that are so complex and detailed that they take forever to publish because THEY HAVE TO BE PERFECT! (I think I'm a little mad myself). I just thought I'd give you a pat on the back from writer to writer. Keep it up! 😀

  15. Thanks!! I'm so glad you like it!

    The storytelling potential of Sims is just fabulous, and that's what's kept me playing so long. A couple of years ago, I tried to shop a novel around to agents and got too close to the ugly maneating flame that is trying to get published. I didn't write for like a year after that. These blogs have turned out to be perfect writing prompts. It's low-stress and fun, and the community of simbloggers is so much fun.

    I totally get what you mean about over-thinking and overwriting a simblog 🙂 :). I really recommend an ISBI like this as a side-project for us control-freaks.

    I'd love to take a look at your projects.

  16. You have Spike in here! That is awesome! Allison's firefighting skills are very entertaining, and driving herself to the pool, *while on fire*, was great.

  17. Good grief. I almost deleted your comment rather than answering, Misims!

    Thanks so much for coming over to read!! I've been wishing you would without wanting to be whiny about it :).

    I have really fallen in love with the Wonderland's antics. I posted this in another comment thread someplace, but I'll say it again — I really struggled with my inner control freak for this challenge, and I'm finally coming out the other end of that therapy and LOVING the chaos! The Wonderlands are always doing something really funny.

  18. hee hee, I've just been on a roll with the picture inserting, I can write a post in about 20 minutes, it just takes 2 days to put the flipping pictures in! So when I get in the zone I have to just roll with it.

    Any-whos, yep, my Control Freak Self ™ just would jump up and strangle me. With both hands. I'll just enjoy you and Dragonwife's madness. It's relaxing to read about it, but doing one… *is strangled* *mutters* Okoknevermind! thinking happy thoughts…

    *Squishes you*

  19. Daredevils are great fun! I didn't realise they couldn't be killed by fire, thought they just could spend longer on fire before burning to death…maybe I'll have to play around and test it.

    Alison is wonderfully nuts, enjoying this!

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