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  1. Awesome! I voted for William, but Hetal was a very close second for me. Maybe Spike can just hang around for a few generations? Like he does on Buffy? He always did bring the pretty.

  2. Just found this, so too late to vote. Love the concept and would have voted for Spike/William even though I think Hetal is completely awesome!

    I didn't know daredevil sims can't die from fire either! Good to know as the one in my prettacy keeps trying to play with the fireplace.

    Lady Bhugg

  3. Wow! Thanks, and hello Lady Bhugg!

    Where's your Prettacy?

    Yes, I think it's pretty clear that William is going to have to stick around and make babies in this legacy. At first I thought, "Well, there's no reason Allison has to be faithful." And that could be fun, but since it's a genetic legacy, I'd been forced to choose between Hetal's and William's genes at heir time. So I think he's going to just have to be a future spouse. So there :).

  4. Awww. Yeah, I left the poll open for only about three days, during which time everyone who was currently commenting had voted, several friends of mine on Google+ who I didn't realize were reading had voted, and a bunch of other unidentified people had voted. And I wanted to get on to playing.

    The problem with a mate poll as I've discovered is that it's very hard to continue to play forward without knowing who you should be spending your precious free time getting to know :). Of course, since William is Allison's coworker, she should be schmoozing him anyway.

    Looks like if I'd left it open another two days, William would have won hands down. However, the more I think about it, the happier I am that it's Hetal. Not only is she an EA sim, she's an EA sim with a *mother* who has the most fascinatingly ugly genetics I've ever seen. That gives us the chance for some more sophisticated inheritance than you'd expect for Gen 1.

    I think I'm going to freeze William's aging and marry him off to whichever poor child wins the heir poll. 🙂

  5. I bet that can be a big hindrance to keeping your game going, waiting for the outcome of the poll! I guess it's good you have two games going, so you can play the Samples while you wait (HINT HINT). haha

    And I don't know why, but I can't figure out how to subscribe to the Wonderland blog. Usually you can do it where you see who else is subscribed, but that part isn't there… Hmm.

  6. Hee. Samples are on hold for a memory upgrade because I'm starting to be plagued with Error 12s. However, I probably have about 10 posts in the queue, so I don't have any real excuse. The gap in me actually playing will probably be seamless for the blog :).

    Er, I'm going to guess the subscription thing is a widget I failed to add to the sidebar. Lemme look….

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