15 comments on “1.8 Those Annoying Dangling Romances

  1. Yay! A baby! I'm impressed that you made it in one post, too! Though I have to feel a little sad for Branden… his mom's wearing a coat but he just gets a soggy blanket.

    I'm glad that you got Hetal's romance with Jules sorted out, even if it did take all day. I can just picture the people all crowded around at the entrance of the Toadstool. Poor Allison, married to a flirty good-kisser romancer! The whole thing was hilarious to read!

    Too bad some of the pictures got lost. I hate it when that happens.

  2. Yeah, the crowd as the Toadstool seems like the kind of glitch that gets familiar after you've been playing this game for a while.

    You'll notice they changed Branden's blanket when they got home, so at least Allison isn't leaving the poor kid to catch cold!

  3. Don't worry about the missing pictures. I pictured it all … the randomness that happens in the sims 3. I wouldn't have been as forgiving as Allison though!

    You couldn't have planned Branden better (good witch who likes the colour white). In fact, it's probably better that he's got Allisons skin tone as they both resemble the witches from the Wizard of Oz. A bit of a different slant on it though.

  4. I think it's hilarious that Branden turned out to be a good witch. I hadn't thought about the Wizard of Oz, but that's an awesome connection.

    I am busy playing the Samples right now, and apparently I can't find the brain to post, but there's more story to tell soon!

  5. Oberon Summerdream, there's a blast from the past, heehee. I did not notice his wings until the picture of him doing the birth panic dance, then I had to scroll back up to see if I'd overlooked them? (of course I did!) Is he a downloaded sim or EA?

    That was a cool way of putting it, that Allison 'broke the spell' when she got to the lot. 😀 A very weird glitch.

    The saga of the dangling romance… only in the sims. Although it was nice of him to give you a wedding present. Again, weird…but nice. Hee hee.

    Good and bad witches…can witches change their allegiance? Although with him having the 'good' trait I don't suppose he could go bad, is there a neutral?

  6. LMAO, that was some adventure of Hetal's! So annoying when the idiots have RIs of their own, very difficult to break off the romances with just one action.

    The only time I know of that the screenshots start re-numbering is when you take the photos out of the screenshots folder – personally, I do that often, since lots of screenshots slows down my game. But then, I rename every single one of my photos, a bit ocd like that.

  7. I've been trying to figure out if lots of screen shots slows down my game or not. It doesn't SEEM like it should make any difference, but other things that ought to be irrelevant do cause a problem.. I remember the events of Hetal's attempt to break things of with her RI, and I still don't know what happened to the pictures. My only guess is that for this one play session, the "C" button wasn't actually saving the pictures. I didn't do anything with the Screenshots folder.

    I like my screenshots to number through a generation, then start over. Since I wrote this, I have written a little screenshot renumbering script so that I can remove screenshots from the game folder, then renumber the new ones so that they'll match the old ones.

  8. I definitely missed the pictures, but I could imagine what they looked like based off the captions! Do witches have longer lifespans? I think I’ve asked this before… I’ve never played with any of the supernaturals or even Moonlight Falls.

    I love Allison & Hetal & Jin. And the kitties too! Nice to meet little Branden! I hope he gets along with his mom and grandma just fine, seeing as he’s good, and they’re not!

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