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  1. Wow! They really need Jin around! This is way more out of control than my ISBI… I got really lucky on the spouse in that. It's quite fun to see, though!

    I love that they had to eat in the bathroom.

    Poor passed out kids, though. It's so sad when no one will put them to bed!

    I can't wait to see how Hetal deals with another kid. Not the most maternal, that one.

    Also, Peanut continues to be the most adorable kitten ever. Even when it's just the ears up.

  2. Lol. Angry gnomes.

    The apartment does look a tad messy. I'm fuzzy on the ISBI rules. Can you hire a maid/buy a bonehilda closet or something or do you just have to hope and pray that you breed a child with the Neat trait?

    Also, that picture of Peanut in the Snow was the cutest thing I've seen all day, I think.

  3. Ahahaha, horse riding… 😀 😀 😀 sorry. Inappropriate laugh. 😀

    The picture of Peanut's ears in all the snow was just soo hilarious! I always wonder how tiny pets or toddlers manage to walk through all the snow…

    And yay for another baby! Although it's going to be really hard for them dealing with another little sim demanding their attention. Especially when Jin is out more.

  4. ISBI rules are totally fuzzy because the official rule set is for Sims 2, and there is no accepted official conversion to Sims 3. I think hiring a maid is out. However, Bonehilda is up for debate, and I think I'm going to rule YES on Bonehilda. The Wonderlands are having a hard enough time.

    However, money has been REALLY tight. Allison is pulling the only steady paycheck, and it turns out that firefighting just doesn't pull in the cash that other professions do, even where Allison is at about level 7. So I'm not sure when they'll be able to afford one.

  5. The idiots actually don't seem to do too badly. Jin does child care, Hetal cooks, and now Branden is doing dishes quite a bit. But Cheshire vomited on the floor like a sim-week ago, and nobody has cleaned that up. Then Allison cleaned out the cat litter and got distracted by a screaming kid while trying to take out the trash, so she dumped the trash on the floor, and THAT has been there for days.

    Also the cheap appliances are all breaking. Allison has a high Handiness because it's a job skill, and at one point she upgraded a lot of appliances to be self-cleaning because I drastically underestimated how often they might break. I'm going to have to try to find some time for her to change the upgrades to unbreakable.

    I do really like Peanut.

  6. Go ahead and have an inappropriate laugh. It was an inappropriate joke. But what was I SUPPOSED to do with that scene? Ha!

    Kid four is going to be born with 4 days left on the twins' toddlerhood. I'm a bit nervous about how that will go. We'll see.

  7. Wow it looks like the family was in a state of crazy, I feel so sorry for you! The cats are just too cute!!! Allison with the gnome was so funny!! Great chapter! 😀

  8. This stresses me out just watching it! I can't imagine how hard it is to actually play this family! And another baby on the way ….

    Poor little Branden. All he wants is a bedtime story 🙁

  9. You're right, technically there was no chance for me to get out of this without laughing. I probably would have deleted that scene, due to lack of creativity. You're definitely one step ahead of me 😀 *starts to giggle again*

  10. The household is in total chaos, AND the house is getting glitchy. I think we're going to have to move, which is really disappointing because I got the house the way I want it, and I think it's pretty fun to play in.

    It gets kind of stressful to PLAY, but it's hilarious to write about. So far an ISBI is just nonstop absurdity.

  11. The bedtime story thing really is insane. As far as I can tell, a child WILL NOT go to bed without a bedtime story. If the request fails or gets interrupted, the child just picks something else to do that has nothing to do with his bottomed-out fatigue bar, then tries again, until he passes out.

    I have installed TwoftMama's Less Read to Sleep to see if this will make things more sane. Also, I forgot that I've given myself a blanket rule to fix glitches. Like I can see no reason why Hetal failed to give Branden a bedtime story, so I should probably have just told her to do it again. I think that bed is getting glitchy for some reason.

  12. I hadn't thought about that one paycheck part. Ouch. That must make it really tough. Doesn't Hetal have a job in Politics? Shouldn't she be getting maternity leave money or something?

  13. Disappearing table? Win! It wasn't the repo man, was it? *random me fact- in the 2+ years I've had the sims I've never had a repo man or social worker come to my sims home. Control Freak ™* 😀 Oh well, at least it let them bond in the dirty bathroom. (when I read that back to myself it sounds wrong!sowrong! for some reason?)

    Peanut in the snow is so CUTE!

    This is the ISBI good stuff at its best, crying kids, peeing, random passing out, dates in weird places. I love it!

    I've never done the swearing gnomes for the fireman, does she grab them, fight them, do they just disappear? *is curious*

  14. This is hilarious. I've been shrieking with laughter as I read this thing. I'm amazed 'you' are sane though forget about the sims! There is no way I'd try to control that many Sims/Pets. I beg your pardon – NOT control them. Talk about glutton for punishment…

  15. Wow! I'm so glad you like it! It's actually turned out to be a ton of fun. I'm usually laughing while I play.

    Now that I no longer have three toddlers at the same time, I'm no longer afraid of losing the family to the social worker. Sims do a lot of things on autonomy you wouldn't think to tell them to do. 🙂

  16. I have been reading trying to catch up so I haven't stopped to comment yet. (plus its a pain on blogger for some reason) but it looks, from the pile where the table used to be, like your cats may have scratched your table to death. 😉

    I am really enjoying this. Off to go keep reading.

  17. I love it when things get crazy; your idiots are definitely dumber than my ones, but that makes it fun! The Good witches should help with the cleaning, they often clean up after themselves. But I agree that a new house is definitely in order, no way can those two tiny rooms be big enough for four kids and 3 adults!

  18. Haha. My first-generation idiots were REALLY idiotic. So many fails. They got smarter in Gen 2, but I'll be working off the Gen 1 fails for a long time.

    I did a lot of work optimizing my game. I suspect that the fail-density of Gen 1 was lag-related.

  19. I love this family so very much. <3 Their dysfunction seems so normal to me, ha ha ha. The Zales are so far removed from worrying about money, and I haven't had a toddler in game in months, since I took the long break, I've nearly forgotten how annoying they can be.

    I'm loving the blog and the story, it's very clever! Your use of speech bubbles and so forth is so funny, and never feels forced! And the kittens are just to die for.

    • Thank you so much!

      In my plotty legacy, I spend a lot of time thinking about character growth and motivations. In this challenge, I just assemble the pictures and then write whatever comes into my head. It’s so liberating :).

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