15 comments on “1.17 Falling Down on the Job

  1. Hetal and Allison being so Faithful is very sweet! Hetal has come a long way as a mom, too, which is nice to see. I guess some of Jin's genes are in there after all!

    Poor Jin's love life, though. It's a good thing that she's so awesome.

    The kittens are adorable. I can't imagine trying to chose between them!

    I'm glad that Allison got the household under control, but that's a lot of sleeping fail!

  2. Yeah, the passing out was horrifying. But I was honestly afraid that managing a baby and two toddlers would end up with the social worker, so I'll take the sleep fail.

    Jin has an amazingly active social life for an idiot. It's fun to watch. I was pretty ticked off when SP announced that Ayden Van Gould had gotten married, though. He IMMEDIATELY called Jin.

  3. Poor Jin just when her love life was getting nice :'( All the kittens I just love them all but maybe Rasberry is my favorite…. That is one thing Ihate about doing a isbi challge that the kids almost always never finsh thier homework >.< Great chapter! 🙂 😀

  4. Probably just see if I could snag him as a boyfriend. Then perhaps when she's an elder she can move in with him. Which would make it too bad for her having any kids with him — which would be younger that her grandkids anyway, which makes the brain hurt. But it would give her a nice exit rather than just living her life out in the household.

  5. Actually, I'm taking a minor cheat for reloading when the social worker came for the cats. I just couldn't keep the social motive high enough on all of them simultaneously, and when the social worker comes, she takes them all I think.

    I'll take a point hit for the social worker coming, but I am NOT going to lose all those cats!!

    Then I tried something else — I used Twallan's Retuner to remove React Negatively and React Neutrally from their autonomous actions. These seem to be actions that revolve around yowling at food that is left out, and since this is an ISBI, there's always a ton of food left out. Those actions seem to be very high priority. Once they were removed, the cats started interacting with each other just fine and stopped being constantly lonely.

  6. Ok, let's try this again.

    Don't be too hard on Allison as she's a very good torch holder all things considered. She does have a lot on her plate so a little fail every so often is to be expected. I'm just impressed that you managed to get them all asleep at the same time and 95% of the family actually in bed! Naughty Branden letting the side down.

    I loved seeing the kitty pic spam. I'm still undecided as to which kitten I prefer the most. Plum or Peanut probably …

  7. Thanks!

    I do really like Peanut. He's a good mix of his parents — a mix of markings, Dinah's face shape, Cheshire's tail, and Dinah's ears. Plum is also a good mix of markings, but I don't think he has Dinah's ears, and I think those red-tipped ears on the purple face are striking.

    It'll be hard to tell until the kittens age up, but I do have a soft spot for Strawberry just because she's such a skinny thing and the other three turned out puffy.

  8. *He told her he got married, but he hoped that wouldn't hurt their relationship.* That was unexpected and made me snort Mello Yello. Ow!!

    Ya know, that is really just a disturbing piece of artwork to be hanging over a toilet. Just saying. Dis-tur-bing. 🙂

    Go Branden, sleep and homework and catching the bus. *That's my boy*

    Lots of kitty spam whoo-hoo! But Peanut is still the best. *Is much and disturbingly obsessed* but i'm not disturbing artwork. um, i have confuzzled myself. please carry on. 😉

  9. Bwah! You have the most entertaining comments!

    I never think to put up artwork. I love the stuff in this house. The bathroom was REALLY DECORATED. And there was a surrealist painting of a grilled cheese sandwich in the bedroom that I think I moved to family inventory while I was expanding the house and need to put back.

  10. I was just laughing out loud at that pile of cat sick I’d seen for a couple posts, and then Allison cleaned it up… oh man, priceless.

    I loved how Branded was asleep on a park bench! Too much fun!

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