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  1. Aieee, this was like a horror movie! The terrifying Pumpkinhead-like Cheshire in the first picture, deformed rubber-man Cristof aging up, and then the horrifying llama head. Seriously, that thing is evil. Just look at it. It will eat your soul. And look for more.

    On another note, I'm completely enjoying this family. For reasons unknown, I really like Brandon! He is an unconventional looker, and so responsible! *swoon*

  2. They were all so responsible at the beginning there that I was starting to get worried! Then the door got in the way and all was well.

    That was an interesting Llama filled party! I'm excited that the family finally has a bigger home and can stop having people lurking about randomly.

    The twins grew up interestingly! I love seeing how the unusual Anjali features show up.

  3. THANK GOD they are back to normal Oo at some point it was getting really creepy.

    I loved how the twins grew up – now you already have three teens in the house, wow. Erin is adorable, too! You always capture pictures of her really well.

  4. I love how everyone keeps loving on Erin. She's definitely going to be the spoiled one 😉

    So, Caitlin told her mums to get a room … they did, and she told them off anyway? Love it!

  5. The late-in-life surprise child is usually spoiled, eh?

    Yeah, Caitlin couldn't keep away! It was pretty funny. The chaos level with this group just keeps getting higher!

  6. Thanks! It's so awesome that you're reading. I'm crazy about the Wonderlands. They make me laugh all the time.

    Cheshire's horror movie form is an established graphics glitch that most pets do every once in a while. I have no idea what they're supposed to be doing, but EA has never fixed it. It doesn't happen all that often, but it certainly is horrific!

    The chick in the llama costume is the Sims University mascot, who shows up to give you logo goodies and an aptitude test for college whenever you move someplace with the University expansion. It is the most annoying, hideous thing, and it moves around in this booty strut.

    I'm trying not to play favorites, but Branden is up there on my favorite list. Of the men, Christof has the more attractive face, I think — he has Allison's eyebrows and Hetal's nose, which is a decent nose except for being enormous. But I just think Branden pulls his face off so well, and it suits his personality.

  7. It's wonderful they finally got a larger house(That is most likely not to glitch) Caitlin and Cristof look good as teen (Cristof especially)Don't you just hate the pet glitch first time I saw it I threw my pencil at the computer. Great chapter and now I am finally caught up! 😀

  8. Hahaha! I posted again today. I'm in a race to get to the heir vote!

    I've really been enjoying your legacy, btw. I just haven't been feeling comment inspired :-p.

  9. Yay, new house! I like this one, can't wait to see it furnished up a bit. I have never moved a sim with MOO, and now I won't, either, not with all the troubles you've had! I usually wait until everyone is in bed, then do renovating room by room; I'm always in and out of buy mode, just doing whatever I can when the simmies aren't in the way 😉

  10. Well, with the idiots running on different schedules, it was pretty difficult to pick a time when one of them wasn't running around. But mostly it was just that I'd read on a forum you could move them around with moveobjects. Now I know never to do that again.

  11. Aha! You did know about the moving Sims with Move Objects… I didn’t know the “teleport me here” would fix it, that’s MUCH quicker that splitting and merging the households (which also impacts family funds… but that can be fixed too)

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