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  1. Oh wow, this is pretty tough. I'm so glad we can vote for multiple sims 😀 Still, I will have to take some time to think about this. Six days left to vote? Great!

  2. I, of course, voted for Branden, despite his lack of green skin pigmentation. He has a fascinating face to me. You can always work other pigmentation into future generations, but his facial structure is just so cool! GooooooOOOOO BRANDEN! *shakes pom-poms, and booty*

  3. Haha! I love Branden. I can't help it. He actually has a different eye shape that adds character to his face. I think everyone but Branden and Caitlyn got Allison's eye shape, and the Anjali eyes are much more interesting.

    But now that I see the poll, I think I would be happy with almost everyone. Except Deanne. who I am right now going to take out of the poll. She's a perfectly fun character, but I didn't have five kids in order to wipe out half the genetics for the next generation.

  4. Yes, six days, and I promise I won't shorten the poll again. Now that I have three legacies, not playing one for a week is no longer a big deal 🙂 :).

    Speaking of, I've played through about 2/3 of Echo's degree on Waypoint and haven't posted anything…. argh…

  5. Hee! This is the first binding heir poll I've ever run. I'm pretty excited, and I think I'd be happy with any eligible winners. (I took Deanne out of the running due to her clonehood. Poor girl, not her fault.)

  6. I know that feeling…. 😉 Just post whenever you feel like it.
    By the way, I voted for Branden and Caitlyn, because I would love to see those two in their future life.

  7. I actually voted a couple of days ago, but didn't have time to comment. I originally voted for Erin, but I've altered my vote to both her and Branden. I think Erin has the best blend of her parents and I'm hoping she'll become a PI as I love that career … on the other hand, Branden is just so sweet 🙂

  8. The race is on between Erin and Branden as we enter the last stretch of the vote! I didn't realize he had such a following :). I have trouble picking a favorite, but he might be mine. I'm certainly attached to him.

    I'm now playing a Perceptive character in Waypoint, and that really is a career-dominant trait. He rolls the wish to become an Investigator almost once per day, and that's just completely impractical (and for a while impossible) at this stage of the challenge. Which is a roundabout way of saying that there's a big chance that Erin will become a PI. OTH, Branden rolled the LTW of World Renowned Surgeon when he saw Hetal in labor with Deanne on the upstairs landing, and I gave it to him. That looks like an entertaining career too.

    As for mates, if the heir is a guy, I think I might not marry him off to William but put him back on the hunt. William is a vampire and may well last to another generation without any cheating — but I'm not above cheating either. I wish William and Beatrice had had a girl child.

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