4 comments on “1.46 Celebration Time!

  1. This chapter was really bittersweet and a fantastic tribute to Allison. She is definitely going out on a high! I'll miss her wacky inner voice but I'm completely ready for Erin to take over. That's if she even survives that long! Jeez Hetal!

    I loved the line about her imagining relationships with real people 🙂

  2. Whooo, you did it! Great job!
    Allison has been so much fun to watch, and I am surely going to miss her a lot. Nevertheless, Erin sure will lead an interesting life, involving real and imaginary people 🙂

  3. Woot, well done, Allison! I’m very impressed she managed to save 30 sims as well as being the TH; I’m finding out how hard it is to have a career and do all the things a TH needs to do.

    Off to see what Erin looks like as a YA!

    • I loved the firefighter career, but it seems like Allison never got the highest level of job. Her LTW was a real slog. She’d never have made it if Erin hadn’t been the heir.

      I’m considering playing firefighter again in my other legacy sometime and cheating to trigger some of the jobs. Ambitions jobs don’t always play smoothly these days.

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