0 comments on “2.0 Let’s Get this Party Started

  1. ARGH, no! You put the crash into the story quite nicely, though.

    Only one chapter posted yet, and already Erin has me rolling on the floor, laughing. " I know I want something that uses my brain — which isn't something Mum would really understands. She doesn't do a whole lot with hers." BWAHAHAHA! Awesome!

  2. What?! I wasn't expecting that! What a fine time to crash … NOT!

    Erin makes such an adorable stalker! Or is creepy the word I'm looking for?

    The notification that William broke up with his wife just as Erin blew out her candles made me giggle. I'm guessing it was either ESP on Williams part or something to do with his vampire mojo or her witchy powers.

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