0 comments on “2.1 Never Give Up, Never Surrender

  1. Alright, NOW we're talking! 😉 Even though she was off to a bad start, now she has captured the man she wanted. Well, at least he is aware of her "qualities" – that's something. Hopefully he will, at some point, discover that she is actually a great sim and not only looking for some bedroom quality time.

    Peanut cracked me up in this chapter, looking all superior and "you-poor-sim-suck-I-rule" 😀

  2. William is such a dog! Although, considering who he's based on, I'm really not surprised! I think he's finally met his match in Erin though. If anyone can tame him, I'm sure she can … Will he be able to tame her though is the real question!

  3. Haha! I wasn't really sure how Erin and William would emerge as characters until I started writing them. This has been a fun discovery for me, and I played this stuff ages ago.

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