5 comments on “2.2 To Tame the Wild Womanizer

  1. I love Erin so much. She knows what she wants and who she wants and isn't afraid to get it! She also knows exactly who she is and is proud of it.

    The courtship of these two sure is fun to watch. Yep, woohoo will solve anything!

    Please tell me that William speaks in an appalling British accent? That's how I imagine him speaking at any rate!

  2. I'm learning all kinds of new things about her now that I'm writing her story!

    Of course William speaks with an appalling British accent. This is Sim!Spike after all :). I guess I ought to mention that, eh?

  3. Hahahaha 😀 Great how they try to play tricks on each other and fail. Both of them. What a perfect match!

    I find it hard to believe that William will actually stay with Erin (not only because he didn't know her name until right before he moved in), but she will find a way to make him do what she wants. She's incredibly tough, after all.

    And of course he speaks with a British accent! What else?!

  4. Erin has some interesting outfits, I particularly love the hotpants with plaid jacket, very unique, lol.

    While the Private Eye career is fun, completing 35 cases (as per the LTW) is really tough in a normal legacy, let alone in an ISBI where she has to play TH as well. Though you’re right about Alchemy Artisan not really fitting her character. PI does a lot better, I think – and if she’s a PI, she can keep an eye on the women who might fall prey to William’s charms 😉

    • I did Alchemy Artisan on my Pinstar Legacy. It was a lot of fun, but way too much work for an ISBI I think. I love PI, but we’re approaching heir poll, and she only has half of the cases completed. I think I’m going to take a final stab at getting her a LTW that involves maxing skills.

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