0 comments on “2.4 The Big Reveal

  1. So the first fail of Erin's gen is the original TH? Awesome!

    Yay for new baby! Let's hope that William has better luck with this one.

    Also, if scientists get to throw rubber ducks at each other, then I'm definitely in the wrong career!

  2. Yep. It's all Allison :).

    Apparently there are 2-3 hilarious experiments that sims can do once they have the Science skill. I had Allison pick it up right before she passed the torch just to see if it would expand her autonomous actions. It did :).

  3. I'm actually feeling a little sorry for the baby that is soon to be born – this is one giant madhouse xD I love the experiment with the duck, it never fails to make me laugh!

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