0 comments on “2.5 Delaying Tactics

  1. Well, William, you should know better than trying to scare Hetal. xD Your sims crack me up sooo much!

    Can't wait for the baby! I love at what rate your chapters are coming up, so it shouldn't be too long until it is born 🙂 *gets popcorn and sits in front of the computer*

  2. Didn't I comment on this? I could have sworn I did. Anyway. I love how William tries to scare Hetal, even though it's obvious that's not going to work 😀 Wrong choice for a victim!

    Can't wait for the baaaaaby!

    (Seriously. I could have SWORN I commented!)

  3. I've gotten email notifications of comments that never appear. Also email notifications of comments that don't appear until hours later. So it's not you.

    I love how William did this long, elaborate intimidation dance, and then Hetal just laughed and clapped. I'm curious who is actually scared by that act.

  4. The Hetal/William interaction really cracked me up. She's right though … we have someone over here in real life much scarier than the undead. His name is David Cameron!

    Impregnation seems to have worked wonders for Hetal and Erin's relationship. She seems so mellow now.

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