8 comments on “2.7 Baby in the Floorboards

  1. Ooooh, new house – that's always exciting.

    Franklin is adorable, as far as I can tell. Then again, all babies look exactly the same. So pleae keep on posting, so that we'll see him age up soon 🙂

  2. He does look turquoise, doesn't he? That shouldn't even be possible. I didn't think they pulled skintone from that far back.

    Big reveal: Franklin is a vamp AND a witch. (I have NRaas Hybrid installed for just this challenge.) He's Insane and Green Thumb.

  3. Scary child! He must have his mothers skin tone but it's diluted by his vamp skin tone which makes him look more turquoise. I have Nraas Hybrid installed as well, but as Arya and Hunter's first born is still a toddler, I can't tell if he/she inherited both of his/her parents life states. Only one is dominant so far.

  4. You can tell what supernatural states the sim has on the relationship panel. I think every supernatural state has a different border to the portrait, and hybrids are red.

    Franklin is a child in gameplay and hasn't really done anything to express either supernatural state.

  5. Yay for the nooboo, Franklin is a cute name, nicely fits your theme. Can’t wait to see what he looks like when he grows up, hopefully he has some cool genetics.

    From the guitar thing, I’m guessing William’s LTW is Master of the Arts? That sounds like a hard one to get the idiot to do if he doesn’t have the traits for it.

    • I don’t recall what William’s LTW actually is. He has the trait Artistic, and he painted autonomously all the time. I figured Master of the Arts was a LTW he might be able to finish.

      I think he’s Artistic, Hopeless Romantic, Mean Spirited, Daredevil, and something else. Seems like a good summary of Spike from Buffy. Heh.

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