6 comments on “2.8 Moving Day

  1. How could anybody NOT love the Wonderlands after Hetal's first encounter with the population there was so pleasant? xD

    Erin is right, though – the view from the house is GORGEOUS!

  2. Erin's sarcasm just oozes of the page in this chapter. I think the neighbours will definitely feel strongly about this new family … not necessarily positive feelings though. I wonder if that's Hetals way of asserting authority in her new job? She is, afterall, effectively running the town.

  3. Ooh, move-in challenge! Looks like fun! I have never had one of those…possibly because I usually pick empty lots and build the house myself, lol. Might have to play in some pre-built houses and see if we can get a challenge.

    • The move-in challenge was pretty cute!

      I’m not much of a builder, though I like to decorate. I REALLY like to lay out towns and modify lots to include more stuff to do. I’m one of those people who actually downloads and plays in all the lots the passionate builders put up for download :).

      • I’m doing that a fair bit with the world-themed community lots that people put on the exchange. Don’t want the original salon/nightclub/venues in every world, give me new stuff that matches the theme of this world!

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