7 comments on “2.9 Finding our Place

  1. Boooooo, Hetal! Stealing your grandson's candy – that's not very nice! 🙁

    Also, it is, in fact, disturbing to see how much William takes care of his son – hopefully that will last a long time 😀

  2. Erin and William are both surprisingly tender parents. Consider me impressed! Although, Hetal is letting the side down a little. Maybe she's worried about him having bad teeth?

    Considering Alison and William used to be best mates, it amuses me that they get on so badly now. Maybe she finds it disturbing that her youngest daughter is dating someone older than Alison herself?

    Also, mud bath in your formal wear? Maybe I've been playing with an insane sim for too long but that makes perfect sense to me.

  3. So what I want to know is why a swaddled baby had a lollipop to begin with. Maybe she was just acting in his best interests 🙂 :). Actually, I was really entertained because I don't think I'd see an autonomous Steal Candy interaction before.

    William yelled at Allison a lot when they were coworkers too. He's a tough guy to love :).

  4. Oh yeah. I tried to give him traits as close to the real guy as possible. He's Artistic, Hopeless Romantic, Mean Spirited, Daredevil, and something else. But not actually evil. Call this Spike with a soul with recovered sass.

  5. Oh yeah, I think the fifth might be Flirty. Though I'd have to check.

    I found it funny that whenever I found a good simalike for any of the Buffy characters, they all had sickly-sweet traits. I mean, seriously, how sweet can you make Spike??

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