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  1. Poor William – he tries to scare Erin's entire family, but it just doesn't work! Nobody is afraid of him! xD

    Gideon is a really sweet name. Can't wait to see if he is a vampire, wizard, or both – like his brother.

  2. I told you that if anyone can tame William, it'll be Erin! He's sweet, affectionate, a great father and artistic! You've broken him!!!! XD

    I laughed so much at Tragic Clown William. TBH, his son is more terrifying than he is! Those teeth … and a witch vampire to boot.

    That photo frame glitch really irritates me!

  3. LMAO, Tragic Clown William! That has just happened to me in game, though it was from an elixir that I was messing around with. Still so funny.

    I hate it when the pictures go blank! Was that a greeting card? Used to happen to me all the time when I used nraas Porter to move. Now I use the in game feature and all the pictures are fine as long as they’re in personal inventory not family.

    • That is a great tip! I didn’t know that the in-game mover handled the pictures. Since I’m not doing portraits for an ISBI, those greeting card pictures are all the visual evidence I have of the family’s history. I was pretty peeved to lose them.

      I have never used the in-game mover. I just assumed it wouldn’t work as well as NRaas.

      In-game mover, personal inventory. Got it. I think I may move worlds every generation, so this may come into play soon. I have so many worlds I haven’t played in yet.

      • The in-game mover kills things like family relationships outside the household, and you can only move the one household…but usually I’m moving to get away from the bloat that comes with knowing half the town, so it works for me. If I really want to keep some extended family or friends outside the active house, I’ll save them to the bin and reconnect the family tree using MC. Slightly more work, but I love my greeting cards 😀

        • Actually, you can still use Porter for the townsfolk you want to move. You include your active family when you pack up the Porter file. Then move your family using the EA mover. The unpack the Porter file.

          Make sure you say “yes” to the question involving resolving duplicates. When Porter unpacks and finds one of the sims already in town, it just connects up the relationships. The way you move an entire town is to create multiple Porter files, but including the sims whose relationships you want to preserve in all the files.

          Up until now, I have just saved my active household to the Household Library, opened a new save file, and then placed the family. Then I unpack my Porter files. This makes sure my family funds don’t end up spreading to other townsfolk.

  4. I love that Franklin is a witch/vampire! And Giddy-in Wonderland is a lovely little fella! Maybe an
    Imogen (not the best, but image in wonderland…)

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