3 comments on “2.12 What the Future Holds

  1. I like that the kids are already different. Two witchy vampire boys might habe been a bit boring.

    The hot guy she meets totally looks like Lucius Malfoy!

  2. Amhranai I right! He does kind of look like Lucius Malfoy. Man, first Spike now Lucius? Erin has all the … er … good guys after her!

    Let's hope that Giddy has more of a mix of both of his parents as he grows up as I love the play on his name.

    What is with Sims and rocking chairs?! Causing domestics everywhere!

  3. I just love Gideon. Pointy ears to boot!

    And this made me LOL:
    This birthday certainly made me hungry, and cake doesn’t look so good. Pardon me while I eat a baby watermelon.

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