8 comments on “2.19 My Sister’s Marriage Is Creepy

  1. I must have that exact thought a million times a day. When you work with the public, you always meet annoying people.

    Hetal, Erin and William in one house. Those poor kids don't stand a chance!

  2. The BEST part of being a Private Investigator is when they "hide" in public places by holding a few leaves up in front of them! Especially when there is no tree or bush around. Bwahahaha 😀

  3. What is that glitch that causes the sim to go all red for a bit? It’s happened to Erin in this chapter and the last one, and I remember another sim being all red also. Cute how you’re writing it into the story by making her angry.

    • It took me quite a while to isolate the problem, but when I found it, it was kind of obvious. One specific outfit was corrupted. I couldn’t just tell her to change her outfit. I had to open her up in CAS, load that outfit, twiddle it, and save.

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