0 comments on “2.23 Baby it’s Cold Outside

  1. The little cold complaint bubble popping out of the pile of snow just cracked me up. And, of course, everyone just leaving it there while it screamed its head off, then complaining about the noise. Ah, sim babyhood.

    I don't think I properly conveyed how hilarious it was to watch them flirt with each other and then be horribly offended about it.

  2. The most awesome 'inappropriate behaviour' notification that I have ever seen. So funny.

    I can't believe that the hostess was flirting with a married man whilst holding a baby IN THE SNOW! What's she even doing hosting a party outside during a blizzard in the first place?!

    You're right, the Wonderlands sure are well-behaved for a dysfunctional bunch of insane sims! Maybe it's their version of passive-aggressive rebellion against their creator?

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