4 comments on “2.27 Ups and Downs

  1. Oh no! Erin and William seemed so perfect for each other. But sometimes the midlife crisis rips apart the most compatible couples…such a shame. Maybe she will learn that it was a wrong decision. Being left alone with all these children, who are not exactly easy, will definitely be a challenge.

    bring on the next chapter!

    • I really wasn’t sure whether I should break them up. I almost always seem to get a divorce wish in a Midlife Crisis, and I never do it. I’ve been trying to see if I could get something better than “Slightly Satisfied” or whatever moodlet at the end of the Midlife Crisis, which is what I always get, and an ISBI seemed like the appropriate place to screw up relationships. I did every single wish she got during the crisis.

  2. I’m not really surprised that you took the divorce option, these two never really seemed like a “happily ever after” type of pairing. They got along well enough, but with the flirting around and not much autonomous affection going on, it makes sense that there would be some heartache. I think I should do this more in my own games; it does not make sense for sims to find their soulmate in a day or two as soon as they turn YA – as so often happens. Erin waited a while to seduce William, but the romance thing still only took a few days.

    Hopefully the kids take things ok!

    • Heh. I meant to reply to this earlier. Yeah, my vision for Erin and William’s relationship is that the primary thing they have in common is physical attraction. He’s a scumbag, and Erin knows it, but they both stick around for the great woohoo.

      He is so autonomously sweet to the babies and toddlers, in spite of his Mean Spirited trait, that it kind of breaks the scumbag image. But then he goes around and insults his children and teens.

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