9 comments on “2.28 Babes in Springtime

  1. Now that’s interesting – seeing how heartbroken William appeared to be, I thought he would be easier on Erin. She still broke his heart, though, so it’s understandable how he reacted. will these two get back together after a while? Who knows?

    • Actually, he’s less than 24 hours into his Heartbreak moodlet, and he HATES her. It’s as bad as the Cheating moodlet. He spends all his time crying, but he yells at her if she tries to do anything but Chat to him.

      But of course, what really happened there is that William came in the Moodlet Mobile for Justin’s birth. They grouped up and went home “together,” but the game sent them in different vehicles. SIms!

    • By the way — thanks so much for dropping by! I was so inspired that I laid out two more posts this evening. It’s taking me longer because WordPress has a very different posting interface, and I’m still figuring out its quirks. More soon! I’ve played almost to the heir poll here too! I can’t believe things are actually moving forward 😉

        • I’ve pretty much played as far as I can go before the heir poll. Justin is barely a child, but I need to know who is heir so I can plan out Erin’s final days as torchholder.

          Now I just need to catch up! ISBI posts are so much easier to write than plotty legacy posts 🙂 :).

  2. I can’t figure out how to follow? Where’s the FOLLOW BUTTON!

    Ahem – I’ll work that part out… Holy Cats! They’re so beautiful!! I’ve got some reading to do!

  3. Justin is so the perfect J name. Can’t wait to see how he grows up 🙂

    It’s interesting watching how William and Erin cope living in the same house. Definitely haven’t tried that much before, my divorcees always leave the house!

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