6 comments on “2.30 Time for Misbehaving

  1. I hate writing in WP also; I tried Windows Live Writer, but didn’t find things much better. So now I just write in Word then copy/paste into WP and manually add the pictures.

    Helen has a very cool makeover, love all the red. And you know what I just realised? Imogen has Allison’s hair! It’s very different to William’s (which is what Helen and Justin have).

    • Imogen does have Allison’s hair. It’s much blonder than William’s, which is custom to match Spike’s bleached hair. It’s strange that often you can’t tell. It’s probably because Imogen’s skin is green :).

      You know what I just noticed? Franklin has Allison’s nose!

      I’m concerned about William. All the traits I can identify in his toddler face belong to William. How do you check slider values?

      I guess it doesn’t matter until heir poll, but that’s not far away. He’s been a pretty entertaining kid so far.

      • Lol, I figured that bit 😛
        I checked the nraas webpage; the MC CAS changes come with the Integration module, which changes a whole bunch of stuff with CAS. Along with the numerical sliders, it can also hide all the alternate options for clothes/hair/accesories – one of my favourite features ever. Makes CAS load *so* much quicker.

  2. I can’t believe Erin and William would actually woohoo with Christof and Helen standing next to their bed, watching disapprovingly! This is too much, even for this ISBI’s standards.xD

    On a different note, Helen looks extremely interesting! I’m trying to figure out who she reminds me of, but so far I’ve been unsuccessful.

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