2 comments on “2.31 Creature of the Night

  1. Man, I missed so many chapters! Thought I’d subscribed, but apparently not.

    LMAO, that sequence with Gideon was brilliant! So impressed that he fed himself and got to sleep without passing out. Given Allison was a firefighter, I bet some of the kids are Immune to Fire and/or Pyromaniacs. That might be why Gideon put the fire out by himself.

    The Mid-Life Crises are very dependent on how many wishes your sims roll – I have had some where the sims want to flirt with everyone who crosses their path, and that makes it easy to fulfil lots of wishes. Then others who only roll one or two at all. Though I hate the divorce one, never allow that unless both wish it.

  2. This is really funny 😀 Justin keeps entertaining himself, which is probably for the best because Erin is too busy to properly take care of him. Good guy! 😀

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