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    • Thanks for caring! I’m still here. I’m even still Simming. My job ended at the end of September. I’m taking the last three months of the year as a temporary contract homemaker to see if I can clear off a lot of projects that have been backed up for years due to lack of time. Along the way, I thought it would be fun and actually sort of marginally helpful to my resume to play around with some Sims modding and CC creation, and I got totally sucked into reading tutorials for a while.

      This is the most I’ve managed to finish: http://echoweaver.tumblr.com/. That alone took about a week of my free time to learn 3D modeling :).

      I’m also working on a custom recipe (escargot) and a scripting mod to add some toddler interactions. I’ve also played far enough with Victoria to be ready to post again. I just need to start organizing screenshots.

      • I really was starting to wonder if you’d dropped out of simming. Best of luck on your job searching, when you actively resume it.

        Wow, the toddler hairs look so good, and I think that upbraid and spiky hair are both perfect for toddlers! If custom recipes are anything like custom careers, quite a bit of time is required (from what friends at N99 tell me) to create those. And a toddler-toddler hug, that is terrific. I loved that interaction in Sims 2 (it came with Free Time). I’m sure when Victoria starts having children, we’ll get to see some of these creations in your blog, right?

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