3 comments on “2.37 Mama told me there’d be days like this

  1. Wow, that school needs a better crisis plan! and I agree, that instance of passing out doesn’t count! Congratulations to Erin, getting to the top of her career. I don’t know how she did it while wrangling everyone, but she did. Your screen shot of that expression on Ben’s face made me laugh out loud, in combination with Erin’s observation that clearly her sister is raising her kids right. Absolutely hilarious. By the way, I’m curious why you picked Aurora Skies? I do really like it, there are just so many Sims 3 worlds.

    • Heheh. Ben seems to have gotten all the funniest Anjali features from my Gen 1 spouse. I may pick him up and drop him in Avalon. He looks like such a creeper. But I’ll probably shrink his nose.

      I just picked Aurora Skies at random of the store world that I hadn’t played before. I currently plan to move to a new world every generation so that I can get a chance to play in neighborhoods I’ve collected. I’m so in love with Avalon for the Samples that I haven’t taken nearly enough opportunities to explore other settings.

      I think I may put up a poll to see where Gen 3 moves.

  2. Yay, the kids are acting crazy again – what a funny chapter! I especially loved the “Are you crazy?”-discussion, that had me laughing by the time I finished reading Gideon’s answer.

    Also, I just found new respect for Irene – “Who needs sleep when you have caffeine?” is my philosophy of life, as well.

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