4 comments on “3.2 Everyone out of the pool

  1. LOL, good one, Erin, almost drown in the hottub-sized pool.

    So all spouses (and spouse options) need to be supernatural? That’s a new twist. I quite like the genie boy and the plantsim, would be happy with either of them.

    • IKR?? Where could the exit to the pool possibly be?

      Yeah, this is designed as a supernatural genetic legacy. I have NRaas Hybrid set to a maximum of three supernatural states in one sim, and I’m breeding weird hybrids. I’m also breeding for interesting faces. So the spouse needs to be a supernatural not already in the bloodline with itneresting genes.

  2. I was wondering if there was a glitch with Erin not being able to get out of the pool. Did she finally find the ladder or are Sims 3 sims able to get out at the edges and she finally did?

    Evan does have a really pleasant face. A plantsim would be fun to watch, as a reader, too. I don’t know anything about the genies or plantsims.

    • Erin pulled herself up on the deck. Sims 3 sims don’t need to exit by the ladder, though I think they do that by preference. I’m kind of wondering if the ladder glitched when Jakob climbed out, and she was waiting to use it after him. But that’s just a guess.

      A plantsim could be fun if it will do its plantsim interactions autonomously. Vampires don’t try to drink from other sims autonomously, which I a bummer. OTOH, their Intimidate interaction is autonomous, and it’s hilarious.

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