Gen 3

I was just back from picking up Mom from that deserted pool party than my phone rang again.

This time, it was a surprise call from my cousin, Rosie Wonderland Beaker.

“I’m having a baby!” Rosie squealed. “Come over and celebrate and bring me stuff!”


“Don’t you usually invite girls to these things?” I asked.

“Oh, come on,” Rosie said. “You’re secure in your masculinity. Come to my baby shower!”

“When you put it that way, sure,” I said.

I headed over to the combination suburban house and horse farm that Rosie and her husband Loki shared with my Aunt Deanne.

I had to admit that the place was looking very swank these days.


Rosie met me at the gate. “Thanks so much for coming, coz!”

She escorted me inside, where I ran into Eclipse, one of the family cats from when I was a kid.

He really is a noble old cat, don’t you think?

Rosie’s face lit up. “It’s good to see you, coz!”

We took some time at the party to catch up on family news.

In the way we Wonderlands communicate best.

“I’ve finally grown into my vampire powers,” I told her. “Take a look at what I can do now. Ooooo….”

“Ewww. What’s wrong with your face?” Rosie asked. “Are you sick or something?”

Hmmm. I’m going to have to practice that power some more.

In the kitchen, my childhood friend Jennika Wong was talking about foreign films with another one of Rosie’s friends.

Foreign films! That’s a favorite subject of mine.

Did you here about The Spanish Eggplant? That was my favorite movie last month. You couldn’t understand it, even with the subtitles.

Jennika was delighted. “I’ve been meaning to see that movie!”

I think her friend was avoiding making eye contact, though. Probably because she knows I’m a vampire with a powerful psychic gaze.

All in all, it was a great party for a baby shower.


The rest of the family wasn’t too interested in Rosie’s upcoming baby, but they kept themselves occupied.

Justin is getting to be quick the free throw athlete. He uses that muscle shirt to remind you of how strong he’s getting.

Mom was downstairs, playing chess.

She insists that she was playing with that figment of her imagination she calls Bungle.

Helen played survival horror video games with the ghost of her grandmother. An interesting choice, that.

Irene sat out in the moonlight, mooning herself and complaining about the cat scratched dining chairs.

I guess she had a point. The cats were really on a rampage.

Minnie was pretty good about scratching where she was supposed to.

But that didn’t explain the state of Mom’s Private Investigator award.

Daisy looked a little too satisfied with herself.

At least they get on well with each other. These here are Goofy (left) and Micky (right).

After the party, I headed to the community garden. I am a creature of living death. Perhaps that’s why I just can’t get enough of green growing things. There’s just nothing like digging in a garden after midnight.

I got home in time to see my younger siblings off to school.

It’s important that everyone have a good breakfast, you know, with lots of vegetables.

“I can’t help but notice how much you’re scratching yourself,” Gideon said to Irene. “Are you all right?”

“I don’t know!” Irene said. “I’ve just been so itchy!”


“When is the last time you took a bath?” I asked Irene.

I’m not sure she took the hint.

The sun was up, and I should be in vampiric slumber, but for some reason I just wasn’t into it. What I really needed was a hot cup of overpriced latte.

I decided to go to the local new age coffeehouse. They have a lot of shade.

There I ran into Priscilla Singh and her lovely daughter Jodie.

Priscilla had her dog on, and she was all over me like a puppy.

We played out on the deck for a while.

Werewolves are so cute when they fetch.

I couldn’t play long, though. My skin was starting to catch fire. Still, I asked Priscilla for a snack, and she was happy to oblige.

Then I dashed back inside before I caught fire. Jody was there.

The Singhs are such friendly people. Or maybe they’re just easy to manipulate with my vampiric charm.

Enough was enough. I needed to get dead for a while.

Hooray. Another session without fails!

I should put Franklin’s LTW goals on the Scoresheet, though. I believe he has drunk from 3/20 sims and turned 1/5 sims.

Mate prospects: Jennika Wong is mermaid, though you couldn’t tell it from this story segment.

Here’s our evidence, from one of Erin’s stakeouts:

Jodie Singh is a werewolf, but I really don’t think she has an interesting enough face to join this challenge.

Of the werewolves, the mate candidate would be Ginny Septik, daughter of EA maid Anne T. Septik who I loaded into this game from another world because of her amazing face.


(In fact, I made a roommates household with wolfied homeless EA sims from other worlds with amazing faces; in addition to Anne, I also have Lucy Ferne and Dee Liver. Their kids are not old enough to be candidates this generation, but they’ll move with us wherever the family goes to keep making interesting babies.)

There are a few fairies, the best being Girbits Worthington, an import from Starlight Shores.

I have a thing for Girbits. He’ll be marrying in at some point, but since he’s a fairy, there’s no hurry.

I was PLANNING to have a mate poll, but I think now that I’ve played through for a bit, I know who Franklin is going to pick. I’m curious if anyone has opinions, though.

I’m overdue for a cat poll. We have four really good choices for the next generation of cats.

Also, I think I am going to hold a poll on where the family will move next.

That ought to be enough polls for one generation, don’t you think?

I’m not entirely sure if I have enough readers left after my long hiatus to make polling a good idea 🙂 :).

Age has hit mom swiftly, but she still tries to contribute to the family funds.

I appreciate her methods. They’re…. creative.


Mom’s Private Investigation business has really been on the rocks recently, and §19 pay the rent and feed a household of six sims.

I had to think of some way to make money, and fast. Getting a regular job is just out of the question, though. I am not going to reduce myself to becoming a wage slave for The Man. I have standards.

The rain kept the sun off my skin, so I was able to go out earlier in the afternoon to look for some source of income. Perhaps it was the remnants of the sunlight glinting on the ground that gave me inspiration.

Aurora Skies is a treasure trove of minerals. Sims have all sorts of uses for minerals. Both art and science. I’d be doing society a favor by collecting and distributing the minerals I find.

Well, by “Distributing,” I mean, “Selling for as much money as I can get.”

With that goal in mind, I headed at vampire speed to the consignment store. I got there right before it closed. I’m lucky they keep late hours.

“You won’t mind if I use your gem cutter, would you?” I asked the proprietress. “I didn’t think so. Thanks!”

“Yeah right,” the proprietress said.

It’s great that the Consignment Store keeps a gem cutter. My family would never let me run this thing while they’re asleep.

“Would you stop that racket?” the proprietress shouted.

What was she expecting, anyway?


With a collection of profitable gems on consignment, I headed home to sleep the sleep of the dead.

While I slept, my family did family stuff.

Helen got a call from her classmate Evan Clark, who asked her out on a date.

Evan’s a pretty interesting guy. He says he was some kind of science experiment conducted by his parents. I guess that’s as reasonable an explanation as any.

The date started out well. Evan told Helen that he thought she was beautiful, and he’d always had a crush on her in school.

Then he started yelling at her for not passing him notes in English class.

Helen is now screening his calls.

Mom’s good friend Yuri Apple-Svard invited Mom to a pool party with her husband Stefan and Jakob Ingberg.

When she arrived, the Apple-Svards had decided to ditch their own party, but Jakob was still around.

“Come on in,” he called. “The water’s fine!”

“This is a nice pool!” Mom said.

“I know!” Jakob said. “I always come over here so that I don’t have to install a pool at my place. Pardon me. I have to go to the bathroom.”

Mom swam around while she waited for Jakob.

“Wow,” she thought. “I hope he didn’t fall in.”

It started to get dark. Mom suddenly realized that she’d been swimming for hours. She was exhausted. Even worse, her skin was all pruny.

But how to get out of the pool? She knew there was a ladder around somewhere. Where could it be?

With her last gasp of strength, she grabbed the deck and pulled herself out of the water. To heck with ladders anyway.

She wandered into the Apple-Svard house, looking for Jakob or Yuri, but the place was deserted.

Someone had recently eaten dinner and then left. So strange.

I was just up and looking for breakfast when my phone rang.

“Mom, is that you? What are you doing out so late?”

“Franklin!” Mom said. “This party is a bust! Come and pick me up!”

No fails.

Holy crap, Erin! Don’t scare me like that!

Here we have our second mate candidate for Franklin: Evan Clark, a plantsim. This adds to Jiao Hatfield, who is a genie. The Wonderlands have a grand tradition of pansexuality, so all YA, Adult, or Teen sims are candidates (i.e. teens can be aged up).

Evan is a stock sim from Aurora Skies who was a toddler when the Wonderlands moved in. I assigned supernatural status to a bunch of random sims, and apparently he was one of them. I love his face.


I woke up at dusk and headed downstairs.

“Hello, sleepyhead,” Mama said.

“Mom!” I said. “I’m undead! Treat me with dignity!”

“Oh, is being undead dignified? You should have told that to your father.”

I looked around. The kitchen was empty except for me and Mom.

“Oh, they’re about,” Mom said, and she proceeded to tell me.

Justin was brown-nosing his teacher by running errands outside of class.


Irene said she had to do some research for a book report.

A book she really, really hated.

Helen was admiring herself.

Before I could get Mom to stop the family gossip, the phone rang. Not a moment too soon!

It was Linn Valstrom. Why was she calling me?

Oh, right…. she’s my girlfriend.

“Hey Frankie!” she cooed on the other end of the line. “I haven’t seen you in ages! We should totally get together tonight!”


“I was planning to write poetry tonight,” I admitted, “but it could be fun to go out on a date. What did you have in mind?”

“I’ll meet you at the bowling alley in half an hour,” Linn said and hung up.

Bowling? That’s not really my style, or really any style at all, but I guess it was decided.

While I was standing outside the bowling alley, thinking about how the wall decorations are such a joke, Linn came up behind me.

“Frankie! I’ve missed you so much!” She cried. “You are the sun that lights up my life.”

“That’s a pretty flawed analogy,” I said. “I can’t even go out in the sun. I burn up, remember? Perhaps I can be the clouds that block out your sun.”

“Hmm,” Linn said. “That doesn’t have the same ring to it.

So we went inside to bowl for a while.

This place makes my eyes hurt. It’s filled with tasteless patterns that clash with other tasteless patterns. Pings and beeps and buzzes. Dim lights with bright flashes. This place needs to pick a theme and stick to it.

In spite of the artistic disaster, it turns out that I am brilliant at bowling.

“One pin left!” I shouted to Linn. “Beat that.”

“All, right!” she cried. “Did that!”

Meanwhile, Mom was having a romantic adventure of her own.

Magnus Mango asked her out on a date.

I guess she’s over my dad and ready to move on. If I were in her place, I would still be pining away in grief, but I guess I can’t judge. She doesn’t have the same appreciation of the beautiful darkness of despair that Dad and I do.

They met in the forest at dusk. Apparently, there was some real chemistry between Mom and Magnus.


But just as things were starting to get good, he had the uncontrollable urge to go rob a grocery store or something.

Mom knows how to pick them.

At least she had a chance to catch up on her reading. In the woods alone. In the dark.

While she was gone, Gideon realized that he had been eating dinner for hours, and he was exhausted.

So he went to get another bite to eat.

I think he needs to review the correct procedure to deal with sleepiness.

“I think I have humiliated you enough at bowling,” Linn said. “Do you have any other ideas for the evening?”

I took her into my arms. “Of course!” I said. “The evening’s just getting started.”

“Of course! You’re such a romantic! Get ready for a big dip!”

“We have dated all the way through high school,” I said. “Now that we’re both adults, I wonder if you would like to take this relationship to the next level.”

“Oh Frankie!” Linn said. “I thought you’d never ask.”

I dropped my voice low, purring so that only she could hear it. “I can’t help it. You just seem so …. delicious.”

“You really are delicious!”


“Frankie!” Linn said “That wasn’t what I had in mind at all!”

“No?” I said. “I can do one better. Come closer.”

“Let me show the darkness inside of me!”

“That closer to what you had in mind?”

“Um, no,” Linn said. “Why don’t I just show you?”

So we left the bowling alley and headed to the much more tastefully artistic theater.

“So you want to see a film?” I said. “I hope it’s a foreign independent one.”

“Not exactly,” she said. “Just follow me.”

“Well, I appreciate the darkness….” I said.

“Hush,” Linn said.



“NOW our relationship is on the next level,” Linn said.

“This has been the most enlightening night,” I said. “I have shown you the darkness of my soul, and you’ve shown me the pinnacles of pleasure. The sun is rising now, so I must leave you. My dark soul will call to yours for every moment we’re apart.”

“Sure thing, I guess,” Linn said. “Maybe the woohoo will be better next time.”


Another post!

My parents visited for a week, so I got even less done than usual. I’m also finally starting to get a sense of Franklin’s voice.

Also, Gideon, what the heck?

Passing out: 22 + 1 = 23

Linn is not a spouse candidate, due to being normal human until Franklin turned her — I love that bat animation for making vampires. He has 4 more sims to turn for that part of his LTW, and it may be a challenge to find that many normal humans!

Oh, is that you there? Hello.

My name is Franklin. Franklin Wonderland.

I’m ready to take over this household and bring it something that it has been missing from the very beginning.

A sense of style.


I’ve spent a lot of time meditating on the purpose of my life. I’ve decided that I am going to dedicate it to bringing the dark, smoldering beauty of the soul to the Simworld.


My father never got a chance to make his mark. I’m going do what he never had a chance to do.

You can’t even guess how my dark soul sang when I finally celebrated my birthday. No more school! No more stifling conventionality to force me to live the lifestyle They chose for me.

Most importantly, no more waking up in the morning and sleeping at night in order to participate in the mind control known as “education.” I was free.

Everyone else went to sleep at night, but I had other plans.

I was off to see the world.

Starting with the cafe at the amusement park. I was dying for a latte.

That’s a joke, by the way. Unsophisticated form of art, but I couldn’t resist.

I remembered the barista from my last visit here for my baby brother’s birthday. She seemed cuter than I remembered.

I ordered a tall soy cinnamon mocha. The little bit of cinnamon makes up for the lack of blood.

She was delighted to make it for me.

“Everyone else orders such boring coffee!” she said. “I wish more picky people you like you came here.”

Hmm. I prefer to call myself “discerning.”

Afterward, I was thirsty. You know, thirsty. So I started up a conversation with the cute barista. I really turned up the charm.

“Who are you?” I asked. “Your eyes are like fire.”

“I look into those eyes, and I lose all sense of balance. Tell me how you do it.”

“You are so cute!” she squealed. “That’s the most creative pickup line I’ve ever heard. My name is Jiao Hatfield.”

“Don’t worry, Jiao,” I said. “This won’t hurt a bit. You’ll even enjoy it.”

“What!” Jiao gasped. “What are you doing with your eyes!”

Then it was like a bomb going off at the base of my skull.

“Whoa, lady, what are you?”

There was a whole lot more to this girl that meets the eye!


“Are you all right?” Jiao asked.

“Please don’t bleed. I can’t stand the sight of blood!”


“Please help….” I whispered.

“Yes! Please let me help!” Jiao cried.

“I need…. I think I need your phone number.”

“I think you’d better leave, mister.”

Well, that was unkind!

I was still desperately thirsty. I decided to ask the crystal ball to help me find someone with a drinkable blood supply.

This is encouraging! It looks like my meal will come to me!


The sun was rising. I headed home before I got too burnt.

My brothers and sisters were getting ready for school and generally being responsible citizens. The poor deluded souls. Someday their minds will expand, and they will understand that there are better ways to be.

“Hey, Gideon,” I said. “Do you think you could do the dishes before you leave? This place is a mess.”

“You could help around here,” Gideon shot back.

“Ah, but you see,” I explained. “I don’t eat food, so I don’t dirty dishes. This is your problem.”

I did get a chance to catch up on family gossip.

Aunt Caitlin is doing quite well for herself.


But Uncle Christof thinks a lot more like me.



After a while, I realized that one of my siblings was missing. “Hey,” I said. “Where’s Helen?”

“Oh, she’s around,” Mom said. “She said she had to pick something up before school.”


“You all have really inspired me with your entrepreneurial spirit,” I said. “It’s making me wonder if I ought to alter my philosophy.”

“Perish the thought!”

No fails! (Yes)

Here we are. I finally started Generation 3. Jiao Hatfield is, obviously, one of Franklin’s mate prospects. I liked her when I saw her in the amusement park coffee shop before, but she was Face One, so I randomized her face in CAS. I think she came out adorable.

But there are other options. Hang tight.

This was a really hard post to get into the spirit for. I’m in the middle of a really miserable job hunt, and I learned in January that I’m infertile after my husband and I spent over a year trying for a second kid. So it’s been kind of a crappy 2016 so far. I’m working on keeping my head up. The sludge can’t last forever.


There were 10 votes cast. The 11th was me, which I cast to break the tie.

Justin led for most of the poll, with Franklin coming up from behind and tying Justin with the final votes.

I think Justin is by far the most attractive sim of Generation 3, and he’s a nice mix of his parents. (He looks a lot like William at first glance, but I think it’s the color and the cheekbones; he actually has a lot of Erin.) I think he’d be a great addition to any town, and when he reaches adult I’ll put him up for download for anyone who wants him. I think he will almost certainly move into Avalon.

But of the two choices, I think Franklin has the unusual look.

Irene was my favorite going into the poll. I had an idea of what her narrative voice would be like and what kind of job she’d have (drummer in a band). Franklin was my second choice, though, and I’m really looking forward to playing him.

I’m frantically trying to catch up on my reading at the moment and get enough playing done to have something to write about. Posting will resume at Sample a Brave Legacy before I get going here again, but I hope it won’t be too long before we get to see Franklin take the torch.

Here is are the Wonderland kids! Who shall carry the torch for Generation 3?

It’s a genetic legacy, so we’re all about appearance. Which of these kids looks most weird and/or interesting?

Sadly, Helen has been omitted from this poll, due to the fact that she’s a face clone of Erin. Ah, well. One out of five ain’t bad.


Traits: Insane, Green Thumb, Excitable, Avant Garde

Race: Witch/Vampire

Colors:Erin’s skin, Hetal’s eyes, mutation hair. (I actually emphasized the greenish highlights because they suited his complexion.)

Genetics: Erin’s face shape and cheekbones, Erin’s mouth, William’s eye shape, Allision’s nose (I think — it’s a bit narrower than William’s), William’s ears

Note: In game, Franklin’s eyes glow with the vampire glow. They didn’t in the CAS shots, and I don’t know why. Here’s a shot of him in game to confirm:


Traits: Insane, Snob, Savvy Sculptor, Hopeless Romantic

Race: Witch (but might be turned to vampire if he’s heir…)

Colors: Erin’s hair and eye, William’s skin

Genetics: William’s face shape and eyebrows; Erin’s eye shape, nose, cheekbones, mouth, and ears


Traits: Insane, Brave, Party Animal, Handy

Race: Witch Vampire (though for some reason she doesn’t have the pallor or neck mark. I’m guessing this has to do with the occults being stacked on top of each other.)

Colors: Erin’s skin and eyes, Allison’s hair

Genetics: Erin’s nose, ears, eyebrows, eye shape; William’s face shape, cheekbones, mouth


(Aged up in CAS for your comparison convenience)

Traits: Insane, Hydrophobic, Schmoozer

Race: Witch Vampire (with pallor and glowing eyes, but without neck mark. Huh.)

Colors: Allison’s hair, Hetal’s eyes, William’s skin (he’s quite rosy without the pallor)

Genetics: Erin’s eyebrows, eye shape, mouth; William’s face shape, cheekbones, ears, and nose

Pallor-free look at that skin!

So, folks, who shall it be?

I shall now try to figure out how to add a poll in WordPress.

(Hey, it only took three tries.)