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Good news from Caitlin! I’m an aunt again.

Well, I guess it is if you consider having a child with skeezer like Peanut to be good news.

William, as a vampire, is a master of stealth.

He can be right in front if you, and you don’t even see him.

Then WHOOSH! He appears and scares you.

Just one of the exciting things about living with a creature of the night.

A long time ago, I looked at renovating the basement. We didn’t have money to do much, but I did put a chess set and a light  down there. Franklin found it! He’s become passionate about logic.

I was so excited to see him use the chess set that I completed the renovation! We have a little bit more money now, since I finished a few more cases.

William shared his ancient wisdom with Irene. She was much more receptive than Helen was.

Irene gets along with anyone, even William. She’s the only one of our kids who actually gets along with there dad. He’s a hard man to love.

Helen washed the bathtub! I’m so proud of her.

AriWong called and asked if he could bring his kids came over for a playdate. It sounded like a good idea to me.

Wong and I got along great.

Maybe a little too well.

After we introduced ourselves, he said “OK! You have the kids! I’ll be back to pick them up!” Then he ran off. I guess he was really excited about the free child care.

I entertained Jennika Wong with my apple conjuring.

She didn’t look terribly impressed, but she said she liked me. I guess she just has bitchy resting face.

Then I said goodbye and headed to the spa for a ms. My pregnancy wasn’t showing much yet, but my back was killing me.

I had a tasty snack of conjured apple before going inside.

Back home, the Wong kids were more interested in talking to each other than playing with my kids.

That seemed to suit my kids just fine.

Except Gideon, who was terrified of the dominoes table for some reason.

Then Jennika played alone with our toys. Her brother Demitrius went upstairs to play video games with William.

Evening came, and Ari came back to pick up his kids.

But instead of leaving, he let Gideon persuade him to sit down for a game of dominoes. I guess Gideon got over his domino phobia.

After Gideon lost at dominoes, he headed upstairs.

And came right back down. “I’m not sure what happened,” he said.

“I have to use the bathroom bad,” Helen commented. So she headed upstairs.

And came right back down.

This was starting to get ominous.

Ari didn’t seem to mind being stuck in the basement. He picked up a guitar and started grooving.

“I have to pee,” Irene said. “Let me try this.”


At which point, by the magic of the simgods, the staircase underwent a striking transformation.

It didn’t save Helen from am embarrassing accident, however.

Franklin made it, though.

Then everyone gathered in the kitchen to celebrate.

It was the kittens birthday! First Micky.

Then Minnie.

Jennika wasn’t terribly impressed, though.

Irene still needed to pee, so she headed to her bedroom.

Nova suggested she get something to eat.

Of course! Irene found the cats inspiring.

So she ran outside.

It was raining, so she stopped to catch raindrops on her tongue.

At which point, nature took its course. But she was outside and wearing a skirt, so she could pretend nothing happened. Maybe that was the point?

Back down in the basement, the unthinkable happened.

Ari Wong’s time was up.

“No!” Jennika cried. “You can’t do this!”

“Wow,” Franklin said. “Nobody’s died in our basement before. That’s uncool.”

“Boring,” Irene observed.

“I sense something terrible has happened,” Demitrius said suddenly.

“Just don’t get in the way of my soaps,” William said.

Ari begged for enough time to take his kids back home.

But it was not to be.

Grim was unimpressed by the whole basement rec room.

I arrived home, feeling refreshed, but a lot more pregnant. I had the strange sense that something terrible had happened. Maybe it was the huge puddle of pee on the floor that clued me off.

“Don’t go down there,” Franklin told me. “It’s not pretty.”

I started to clean up. That’s when I saw Grim.

“Out of my way,” Grim said in his otherworldly voice.

“Did you take one of my family?” I demanded.

“Not this time.”

“Then you can wait till I clean up this pee.”

When I was done, I stepped aside.

Grim wandered out into the darkness.

I mopped the pee up off the floor, sent the crying kids home to their mother, and dealt with the dead body in the basement. I was exhausted, and the baby was sitting on my bladder. All that time, William was upstairs sleeping the sleep of the dead. Literally.

By the time I was able to trudge upstairs, I was ready to learn to cook Ambrosia. That way, I could bring William back to life so I could kill him myself.

“YOU!” I shouted when I saw him. “You did this to me!”

Apparently, I got through to him, undead and all. “Whuh?” he said.

“I’m through with you!” I said. “I’m done with the messes you make. I’m done with your mean jokes. And most of all, I’m done with your… your…

“your impossible fertility!”

“Babe, you can’t be serious!” William pleaded. “I know you’re tired, and this baby is a big surprise. Just rest. Everything will feel better in the morning.”

“I’ll rest when you get out of this house,” I said. “We’re through.”

“Baby, please!” William said.

“Baby is exactly the wrong thing to say at this moment,” I told him.

William was a broken man. He trudged down the stairs and stood sobbing at the bottom.

Then he tried to move out.

But he couldn’t bring himself to leave. He stood staring at the door for most of the night.


Self-Peeing: 11 + 2 = 13

I was wondering when we’d get a fail. We got two. One of them was because of the glitched staircase, but Irene definitely earned hers. In fact, the game gave her an extra 15 minutes to get to toilet twice.

That was annoying. I’m pretty sure those stairs worked when I added the basement. There are a bunch of glitches associated with stacking staircases, but those should have worked. There are some forum posts that indicate that sacked staircases completely broke with Island Paradise.

So, I suppose we need a few words of explanation for Erin and William’s little spat. Erin had a midlife crisis. She had it before I stopped playing months ago to focus on the Samples, so I’d completely forgotten until, out of the blue, she rolled a wish to divorce William. I always ignore the random divorce wishes between happily married couples, but this is an ISBI, so….

#sims3challenge #sims3legacy #sims3story #thesims3

The morning began with Gideon raging against the dishwasher he broke because it was still broken.

Meanwhile, William decided to share the wisdom from his long undead life with Helen.

Helen wasn’t terribly impressed. Kids just don’t appreciate the mature perspective.

Irene had an emergency. Could she make it to the bathroom in time??

Whew! Just barely.

The kittens were adorable. (Micky)

As usual. (Minnie)

At least Mikhail wasn’t disgusted by the bathtub. I certainly was.

Franklin finally found some art in the house that he likes!

The bookshelf.

I don’t get it.

“Someone should do something about this messy house!” Helen told Irene. “You ought to clean it up.”

“OK!” Irene said. Helen went back to playing.

Why doesn’t anyone clean up when *I* ask them to? Maybe Helen could teach me the trick.

William finished another painting. Quite impressionistic. I think it’s a forest on a hill. Or a pinecone stuck in the sand. Or Godzilla climbing out of the sea.

Where was I during this heartwarming family Sunday?

I was out in the snow, staking out the graveyard.

The suspect approached from the road. He never suspected he was being watched. I’m just that good.

Then his partner in crime.

They whispered something to each other. I strained to hear, but my powers of disguise don’t make my hearing supernatural.

Then suspect 1 left the scene, while suspect 2 started building a snow fort. What does it all mean??

Let’s cut to the chase: What it meant was that two weirdos were making fake ectoplasm out of corn starch and pretending to be ghosts.

The thing that ticks me off: the science department couldn’t tell the difference between corn starch and real ectoplasm? Where did they get their degrees from? A cooking school?

Well, that’s why they pay me the big bucks.

Back at home, Franklin’s prom date, Linn, rang the doorbell.

Maybe I’m old-fashioned, but I think she should have put on some clothes. In the snow, for heaven’s sake.

“Do you think I should dress up a little more?” Gideon wondered.

Franklin was still grounded for staying out after curfew at the bowling alley. William got really hardass on him and refused to let him go to prom. So he sneaked out.

Gideon and Linn held the limo for him.

He just barely made it before they gave up on him.

It’s less clear why he felt he needed to sneak into the school.

When I got home, William was out doing some “serious art.”

So I was the one who had to stay up and read Franklin the riot act for sneaking out.

“But Mom!” he protested, “I got to kiss a girl!”

“You did?” I exclaimed. “Well that makes everything different!”

I sent Franklin and Gideon to bed. I was starting to feel just how exhausting the day had been.

“There’s a huge pile of trash in the middle of the floor,” I said to Bungle. “Why is that?”

“I don’t know!” Bungle said. “Why does anything happen around here? Go to bed. There’s time to clean tomorrow.”



The only way to have a good prom is to go with a date. Otherwise, you just get humiliated by your crush and get into fights. If Franklin isn’t the heir, I’ll see if I can get Linn to move out with him.

So I wanted to do a PSA about the NRaas mod suite here. I am a huge fan of of NRaas. I thought it would be dead when Twallan decided to leave, but Chain_Reaction and Icarus_Allsorts have taken up the torch and carrying it with style.

BUT, I found a couple of bugs in NRaas GoHere that have a huge effect on my gameplay. As far as I can tell, GoHere is midway in a big enhancement that got bogged down. It could be quite a while before it sees a new release. GoHere is such an innocuous-seeming mod that I never thought it could be the cause of my problems.

Erin spent a good two days repeating her graveyard stakeout, which wouldn’t complete despite inactive sims arriving on the lot and sharing a secret with each other in front of her. Over and over again. Then they’d hang around on the lot, Erin would do a NEW stakeout, and two new inactive sims would be summoned. The lot would be full of inactives, and Erin still couldn’t advance to the next step of her case. I finally did a full mod-exclusion test and discovered that GoHere was the culprit.

I removed it, and then suddenly Late Night inactive parties worked too. Those haven’t worked for me in what feels like years. My actives would get invited to parties, accept the invitation, and then the Attend Party action would do nothing. Usually there was nobody even home at the home lot of the sim throwing the party. Seasons inactive parties worked fine; it was just the Late Night celebrity-style stuff that broke.

GoHere’s primary feature is allowing the “Go Here” command to stack. Otherwise, if you tell a sim to do something after you’ve told them to go somewhere, the movement action would disappear. This was causing me a lot of annoyance at some point, and now I can’t remember why. I thought GoHere was the greatest thing since sliced bread. I’ve been playing with it for years, and I’ve long since forgotten what was so awesome about being able to queue Go Here commands. I’m sure that I’ll remember now that I’m playing without it.

[Later: Oh, now I remember one reason. It’s a big deal when you’re doing stuff like playing music or other actions that sims do wherever they happen to be standing. If you want your musician sim to stand in a specific spot to play the guitar (maybe not in the doorway?) it’s annoying without GoHere because you have to give the sim the Go Here command, then watch them while they go there, and then given them the command to play guitar the moment that they arrive at the place you want.]

TL;DR: NRaas GoHere has some bugs that break some Ambitions job opportunities and Late Night parties thrown by inactives. It might be a while before it gets fixed. It might be worth taking that mod out if you use it.

#sims3challenge #sims3legacy #sims3story #thesims3

Eventually I managed to show everyone where the cake was.

We all ate ours outside in the snow because all the seats inside were taken.

Then I headed upstairs. You had to go to the second floor to get away from the stink of the kitchen. I really ought to do something about that.

Franklin decided he wanted to try his dad’s big vampire bed.

William wasn’t happy about that at all.

“I can’t get to bed!” he complained. “Where am I supposed to sleep?”

I filled out my stakeout report with Bungle looking over my shoulder as usual.

Then I headed to bed. As soon as I started to lie down, though, I felt terrible.

I jumped to my feet it felt like I was going to–

I barely made it to the bathroom in time.

I came back to bed to find William back. “I think I’m coming down with something,” I told him.

“Whatever,” William said. “Franklin’s still in my bed! Where am I supposed to sleep?”

“You’re a big boy,” I said. “You figured it out.”

So he slunk downstairs and crawled into Franklin’s bed.

Nova and Mikhail have been very cuddly as of late. They’re so cute when they play together.

Micky the kitten went bounding out into the snow.

Franklin went to bed early, and he got up earlier than everyone else. He was a good boy and did his homework.

Then he broke the toilet.

Gideon and Irene talked about their future career plans over a breakfast of leftover birthday cake.

“Do you know how much you can make for an ice sculpture?” Gideon said. “I could be making a fortune this time of year.”

Then he actually cleaned up the dishes. And broke the dishwasher.

Bungle was waiting for me when I woke up. I’m pretty sure he just stands there and watches me while I sleep.

“Today is Saturday!” he crowed. “What are you going to for fun?”

“I have to work,” I said. “I always have to work.”

The kids had some fun. Gideon spent the afternoon in the hot tub.

Irene played with snow-covered kittens.

I built a snowman. OK, sometimes I don’t have to work. 

Then I headed to the hospital to check out my gross goo sample from the graveyard.

First, I went to see my brother Dr. Branden to get myself checked out. I was still feeling queasy, and I really hoped that good didn’t give me some strange disease. He took some blood samples to test.

Just as I was leaving, Branden called. He already had results from my blood tests.

It turned out I was pregnant!

Wait, what! Another baby? Dang it, William!


I had totally forgotten how much fun it was to play these guys! I just step back, and the hilarity spins itself. I whirled through 4 or 5 posts worth of stuff this week while I should have been doing more responsible things. I’m going to see if I can play them until THEIR heir poll before I return to the Samples.

Erin and William both wished for another kid. I pondered it, but I was not pleased with the genetic diversity of the kids I had, so I let them go for it. This gives us an afterthought kid like we had last generation that is only going to be a child by poll-time. Last time, she was by far the best genetic combination. We’ll see what we get this time.

I don’t usually do outtakes because anything goes with the Wonderlands, but I couldn’t figure out a way to use these pictures. Here, some random vampire outside can’t go where she wants to go because the potty chair in the apartment is in the way.

Look at that face! One of her parents must have been an alien!

#sims3challenge #sims3legacy #sims3story #thesims3

I got a call from Caitlin. She and her estranged husband Peanut seem to have dealt with their marital problems in a way I didn’t expect.

I really don’t get my sister.w

Franklin hasn’t stopped critiquing all the art in the house.

He wanders around at all hours and lets us know what parts of my decorating he doesn’t like. His opinion has been noted and duly forgotten. He can change the art when he’s ready to pay for it.

At least he takes responsibility for the younger kids.

Gideon is pretty much done with the family drama.
He sleeps in the treehouse most nights.

I don’t mind having fewer kids in the house. It gives me a chance to focus on the important things in life. Why else to I keep this guy around, after all?

“Hee!” Bungle said. “You’re being naughty again!”

“I’m going to pull the stuffing out of you if you’re not out of this room in five minutes,” I hissed at Bungle.

“Is that a new kind of come on?” William asked. “If it is, I’m into it.”

William is good for one other thing — his art is getting better. I really liked this one.

We even gave it a name.

And hung it on the wall.

If Franklin doesn’t like it, he can stick it in his ear.

Here’s a break for very cute kittens who are not, at this moment, peeing on the carpet.

Here’s Minnie!

And Micky!

They have wonderful beds, but the seem to prefer to sleep outside in the snow.

Franklin decided to go to the bowling alley after school with his friends one day.

He started out having normal fun like a normal kid.

But of course, he got distracted by the art.

Which he didn’t like. I’m sure you’re surprised.

He lost track of time AND his friends. The next thing we knew, the cops were bringing him home.

William told me about the whole thing later. I had my head stuck in a trash can at the time.

What? It was a job! Being a detective isn’t exactly glamorous.

When Franklin got out of the cop car, Helen made sure he knew that he was really going to get it.

And he did. William ripped him a new one.

I think he likes the discipline part of fatherhood entirely too much.

The next day was my birthday. I took a break from my cases to have a little “me” time. Well, I guess it was, “me and the friend inside my head time.”

Bungle and I had fun.

Then it was time to get older!


I aged up with style

If I do say so myself. Hardly a wrinkle!

After which it was Bungle’s turn.

He looked exactly the same. Since he’s a figment of my imagination, I shouldn’t have been surprised.

When we were done celebrating my birthday, William caught my eye. “Ar you thinking what I’m thinking?” he asked huskily.

“Of course,” I said, and I grabbed him.

“I was thinking about cleaning up the dirty dishes,” William admitted, “but this is better.”

“I’m going to ring in this birthday properly,” I told him. “Get your clothes off.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

We headed out to the hot tub,

where I pulled him under the water.

Hooray for birthdays.

My next case took me to the graveyard. Here in Aurora Falls, the cemetery is suspiciously lacking in creepiness.

So of course, there had to be a really creepy mystery going on.

I checked out the mausoleum.

Which turned out to be incredibly gross.

Meanwhile, William waited for Franklin to come home from school in order to give him a hard time.

I guess he feels he had to toughen up his sissy of an art student.

Irene did her homework like a good Party Animal.

I got home and it was party time! We didn’t invite anyone, but we did get Gideon a cake. I totally didn’t forget his birthday, and don’t let anyone tell you I did.

Gideon became a teen with his own unique sense of style.

Gideon grabbed his slice of cake and ate out in the snowy back yard. That worked well for all of us because he smelled worse than the dirty dishes on the dining table.

The rest of us stood around the cake, complaining about how hungry we were and wondering what to do.

Just a typical family gathering, really.


Hi there! It’s been a while, but I’m back to playing the Wonderlands!

So…. is Gideon a face clone or not? That is the question. His whole face seems to be inherited from Erin except for his jawline, which is William’s. I think. Maybe the whole head shape? He doesn’t have William’s cheekbones, which would be more interesting.

I guess we can give him another look when he ages to adulthood.

#sims3challenge #sims3legacy #sims3story #thesims3

That thing with my sister’s husband is still going on.

At least Caitlin seems to be pushing back a little bit.

Meanwhile, I couldn’t be happier with the state of my marriage. Which means that William still looks amazing dressed in as little as possible.

He challenged me to a basketball dunking competition. I think I was blinded by his pectoral muscles when I said yes.

It was a raging snowstorm outside.

And it went about how you’d expect.

William had the gall to laugh at me.

He’d better make this up to me later, I tell you.

Another client contacted me about a case, so I headed off to work.

That’s right, I got paid to find a ring that wasn’t lost. I love my job.

At home, everyone was really embarrassingly productive. William started a new painting.

Franklin and Gideon did their homework.

Helen did the dishes.

And Irene stayed after school to use the computer lab to play video games.

OK, three out of four kids were responsible.

Prom is coming up. 

I was worried about Franklin. He has only been to one day of high school. I thought prom might be a little much for him so early.

But it turns out that his reputation precedes him.

I came home from a hard day’s work to rest my aching feet over dinner. 
Minnie welcomed me. At least, I think it was Minnie. I’m glad the cats are that I’m around.

Franklin was caught up in some sort of rhapsodic moment with the pop art over the stove. I had to move him out of the way.

“Where’s your dad?” I asked Helen.

“Dad? He left. I think he said something about a hot party.”

William came home later with tales of his exploits.

Apparently the party was a dud. The hostess held it outside in the snowstorm.

Then William spent the evening fending off her inappropriate advances.

“I can’t believe you would come on to a married man while holding a baby,” William told her in disgust.

“Oh, is that the problem?” the lady said. “I can fix that.”

“You just buried your baby in the snow,” William pointed out.

“Sure,” she said. “Now I’m not coming on to you while holding a baby.”

“Wow,” William said. “You must be overcome by my personal magnetism. Maybe we could work something out.”

“Wait, what? One minute ago you’re all over me, and now all of a sudden you gained some scruples?”

“I changed my mind,” she said. “Kindly go away.”

The baby was really offended by the whole thing.

OK, William didn’t tell me that last part. He claims he was the perfect angel. But Branden was at the party too, and he gave me the true story.

I have no guilt about having my family spy on my husband.
William got over the awkwardness by performing for a while.

But he couldn’t stand the baby screaming about being cold, so he went home.


Still no fails!

I’m actually getting kind of frustrated that my sims are not failing. I have removed Relativity from the game to see if the little bit of boost from that was increasing efficiency too much. No go. They’re being incredibly efficient with their lives. Actually, my game has been really snappy recently. I’ve done some optimizing, like putting toilets and baths, showers in different rooms, which cuts down on sims locked in shoo actions with each other while trying to pee.

Without all the fails, though, sim life continues to throw me gems like William’s party. And I suspect my score is still negative. It will take a long time to overcome all the fails from Allison’s generation.

I gave William the awesome guitar from Drifter’s Desire and wasted his one free action on learning it, but he never played it autonomously. I saw other players’ idiots playing guitar all the time. So I replaced that guitar with the base game one, and now he plays it.

#sims3challenge #sims3legacy #sims3story #thesims3

I really just don’t get my sister.

She could at least get her husband to quit harassing me.

Here’s a picture of our sweet kitten Minnie. Not the best picture, but there will be more later.

She looks a little different than I remember, but even more cute!
Franklin came right home from school and did his homework. On his birthday. 

I hated to break it to him that he wouldn’t even be handing in that homework because he was about to go to high school. He would have done better if he’d done his homework earlier.

He always seemed to be working at it, but he only managed a C+

Gideon didn’t even bother to pretend he cared about school. He went out to play in the sandbox. In the snow.

Helen showed some initiative and went to work on a report on the grocery store for school.

Which was good because she was failing.

And I repaired the computer.

Our next-door neighbor was having a party that involved a lot of people standing around in the snow and staring at the walls.

I shooed them away. It was time to party Wonderland style!

But first, I’d try to mop up the huge mess from the broken dishwasher.

William got one last cuddle from his only remaining toddler.

Once she became a child, he’d spend a lot more time yelling at her. At least, that was how it went with the rest of his kids.

And here she goes!

The party got into full swing, including a big fight between my sisters.

We were afraid they were going to slap each other. Franklin cleverly created a distraction by blowing out his candles.

Branden wasn’t too impressed by the festivities.

His fiancée, Shaun Ivy, was even worse. She pulled a book off the bookshelf and started reading in the middle of Franklin’s big moment.

Wow! I’m impressed, if I do say so myself!

Then we all settled in to have cake. Including the party crashers.

William and my niece Rosie got along pretty well.

Branden just wandered around looking disgusted.

What? Sure, the chairs are cat-scratched and the floor is covered with murky water from a leaking dishwasher, but this is family! Show a little appreciation.

He got out as fast as he could.

Deanne was even less complimentary. Maybe it was the fight with Caitlin.

Oh, don’t you do it too, Franklin! This was your party!

Gideon and I took our cake outside where we could complain about our family in peace.

“Hey, have you seen Helen?” I asked.

“I don’t think she came home,” Gideon said.

Wow. She must be working hard on her report for school.

She missed her brother and sister’s birthday parties. I hope she writes a great report.

Deanne might have complained about the party, but she stuck around to put Gideon to bed.

In his own bed even.

Franklin stayed up to critique William’s sketches.

He wasn’t too impressed.

William didn’t have to listen to the criticism, though. He was outside building a snowman.

And who was this guy? He’s more than just a party crasher.

He’s the handyman I hired to fix the infernal dishwasher.

No way I was going near that deathrap. 

I’ll just settle in here to fix the broken sink. Then I’ll go upstairs to fix the broken shower.


This is my first post from new gameplay!

I think I’m in love with Franklin! How did that happen?? He was a pretty boring kid. His new trait is Excitable, making him Green Thumb, Avant Garde, Excitable, and of course Insane.

He has a lovely mix of his parents’ genetics. It looks like Irene does too. Even on a child face, I can see the the amazing Anjali nose combined with William’s cheekbones. Gideon and Helen both look questionable, but I don’t have the amazing clone-sense that some do. I’ll have to see what they look like as teens. Gideon’s birthday is up shortly.

Aaaannnd, because some things are even too bizarre to fit into a Wonderlands post, I close with the results of trying to reroll Minnie’s genetics:

Mama has been very successful at her new career. I guess she found her true calling.

Branden’s also doing very well for himself these days. Happy fiancée, couple of kids. Successful medical practice.

I wonder if he’ll actually make it all the way to the top of the medical field.

At my home, we have less grandeur and more delusions of grandeur.

So many delusions.

I failed to get a picture where all three of them were playing royalty at the same time. Trust me, it happened, and it will probably happen again. 

I guess I should encourage my kids to have big dreams.
William, on the other hand, has an entirely different strategy. I think it’s called Parenting by Harrassment. He accused Helen of acting like a baby.

She didn’t take it too well.

I think William is better with his kids where they’re toddlers.

Well, he has one more toddler to go.

Then it’s just cats.

At least the cats are cute.

That evening started like any other, but it ended with an awful surprise.

It was Mama’s time to go.

She pled with the Grim Reaper for more time. She was only 109. He wasn’t sympathetic at all.

While we were all wailing with grief, Bungle let Grim inside to have a cup of coffee.

I took my grief out on Grim directly. How dare he take my mother away.

After a good pillow-bashing, I felt better.

We laid Mama to rest next to Mum.

It was rough for a time after that.

Only Irene was oblivious.

When I got up in the middle of the night to have a good cry about Mama, I’d finally had enough.

So I zapped myself.

And William.

No more grief. Much better.

That night, it snowed.

William took up sculpting! Amazing!

I had a sudden witchly desired…

To break the toilet.

Don’t ask.

Fortunately, Helen dealt with the mess.

Then Nova started yowling in the side yard. We ran out to look.

What’s that moving under there?

Kittens! Two of them!

Meet Mickey

And Minnie!

Cheshire approves.

Now that the family and the new kittens were settled, I thought it was a good time to take a new case.
The clues in the snow led me to a house outside of town.

This woman totally looked like she could have stolen some fancy shoes.

I asked her if I could, you know, check around inside.

I expected her to act guilty, but she didn’t mind.
She did her homework while I was dusting for fingerprints. I guess she was younger than I realized. The hair just made her look taller.

While I was gone, William was an embarrasingly good father.

He put all the kids to bed. 

With a bedtime story and everything.

That should have made me feel a LITTLE bit guilty. But it didn’t because I found the shoes.

When all my leads dried up, I headed to the fitness spa on a hunch. It was totally a hunch and not because I wanted to go to the spa.

And what do you know!

The masseuse turned out to have a shoe fetish!

He gave me the shoes to return to their owner, but he begged me to keep it a secret who took them.
“And why would I want to keep your secret?” I asked.
He showed me why.

This was the absolutely best kind of bribe.

I found out why he wanted it kept a secret later. The shoes smelled horrible.

But what do I care? I got paid.

I’m sure Mum would approve.


Aww. Goodbye, Hetal. May you have fun flirting with Allison as a ghost.

Both Hetal and Allison lived to be about 110. That’s crazy long for a life span set to 92 days. After this, I changed the NRaas settings to put a maximum on the number of days I sim could live.

I LOOOVE Mickey and Minnie. The only problem is that their markings are exactly the same, and Minnie has the default all-skinny-slider body type. I’m considering using Play with Genetics to re-roll her. Pets seem to have a large number of genetic fails. But considering that we only got one set of markings, isn’t it perfect?? I think there’s a bit of all the generations so far.

This almost catches me up to gameplay. I’m not sure if there’s another post worth of pictures. I believe I stopped playing right before, or right on top of, Franklin’s birthday.

My big question is this — if anyone is reading. Erin and William both have a wish locked in for another kid. I fear Gideon and Helen might be clones. So what do you think? Should I do it??

This is Deanne’s love life:

Lather, rinse repeat.
In other news, my brother-in-law, Christof’s husband, called to schedule a playdate with one of my kids. I was never sure which kid he had in mind. I said sure!

I never spent much time with Randolph. Christof didn’t even invite me to his wedding, the jerk.

He hit it off immediately. In five minutes, we were great friends.

His kid was a little bit creepy, though.

But she got better.

She spent most of the “playdate” playing on our video game console. She didn’t talk to my kids much.

William didn’t seem to approve of my newfound connection to Randolph.

This is the, “Come on to my wife, and I’ll suck you dry,” vampire face.

“What?” I asked when Randolph went upstairs to check on his daughter. “We were talking about the weather.”

“Nothing,” William said. He just glared.

Mama was channeling William’s jealousy. When Randolph arrived upstairs, she kicked his ass for basically no reason.

This was not my family’s finest hour.

I sent my niece and Randolph home before he could be even more abused.

I never did catch my niece’s name.

Then I took William out back to cool him down.

Then I spent some time with Bungle

While William scared the crap out of Gideon.

I guess everything was back to normal now.

Judging from the sounds coming out of the pet house, Nova and Mikhail had a similar idea.

Sometimes I’m amazed at how wonderful my life is. 

A sexy husband who is romantic, jealous stalker. Four beautiful children.

It seems like I’m forgetting something.

Oh well.

The next morning was an important day.

It was Helen’s birthday!

We headed to the park for a huge party.

Everyone gathered around to watch Helen blow out her candles.

Except William, who went home to play with the cat. Oh, well.

Here’s my little girl!

Everyone had a pretty good time.

Here’s Caitlin’s bastard husband, Peanut, ignoring everyone to play on his laptop.

Deanne getting her sports on.

My brothers and sister getting reacquainted.

This is Rosie Wonderland, Deanne’s daughter. She grew up pretty good looking, I think.

Then we had a werewolf gang fight in the middle of the party.

I thought that was a good time to go home.


Fights: 2 + 1 = 3

I fear Helen may be another face clone of Erin, but I’m really pretty lousy at picking that up. She has Erin’s nose at least. Let’s see what the kids look like as teens.

No fails have happened in a long time. I feel like I should make something harder….

I had a decent time at that party after all.

I even looked over some of the hot men and wondered what it would be like if I dumped William. It was all in good fun. I would never dump William. I might dump him on the floor, but I’d never divorce him.

The same dude showed up and asked me what my husband would think of my behavior.

He really doesn’t learn, does he?

The kids were very well-behaved while I was gone. Gideon did his homework!

He was way more proud of himself about it than I was.

Franklin read after dinner.

Then he went to bed on time.

Irene played with her toys.

Then Mama put both of the girls to bed.

I don’t know what Helen was doing because nobody was paying attention to her. Poor kid.

William, meanwhile, ditched the family all evening

To play one-on-one basketball with a neighbor.

Cheshire put the fear of the gods into him, though.

He came back inside to read Franklin a bedtime story.

Mama, who was so good putting the girls to bed, felt the Call of Evil.

She got poor Helen out of bed just to steal candy from her.

Then she put her right back to bed to cry it out.

That’s about the time I came home from the party.

“Ha ha!” Mama shouted. “I cast a curse on you! You will fall in love with the first man you see!”


Oh right. There’s only one man in this house.


He’s even sexier when he tries to be all scary and stuff.

So I took him back to our room and had my way with him.

Having a husband who doesn’t sleep keeps you creative.

The next morning, I got a call from Caitlin’s husband Peanut. He wanted to hire me for some good detectivin’.


He wanted me to be a go between for a booty call with some guy in town?

This sort of thing just burns me up. I can’t hide it. Did Caitlin know what her husband was doing? I went right into the house to ask her.


“It’s all right,” Caitlin said with a cheerful smile. “I don’t care who he woohoos. He’s my nemesis. I’m plotting his destruction.”

Sometimes the art of being a detective is knowing when to stop asking questions.

I got out of there as fast as possible. A stakeout is what I needed. Yeah, that’s it. A stakeout far away from Caitlin’s house. Maybe the art museum.

From my completely invisible vantage point, I watched a scary werewolf.

In a secret rendezvous

With her stockbroker to discuss investment opportunities.

After that, the werewolf sent a few quick buy and sell orders via her phone.

“I can see you,” she said without looking up. “That hiding place is pretty stupid.”

I guess the jig was up.

“I’m just trying to find out if Lief Helgason has a thing for my sister’s husband,” I admitted.

“Oh, Lief? He likes anyone with legs. I’m sure he wants to date that guy.”

The werewolf turned out to be a pretty nice lady. And very helpful!

I headed back to report to Peanut and close this case up as fast as possible.

“I knew it!” Peanut exclaimed. Then he leaned close and whispered in my ear. “What are you doing later, beautiful?”

“Going home,” I said firmly. “To forget this entire incident ever happened.”

At least I got a promotion.


Stakeouts seldom work quite right in my game. It’s probably another one of these random Ambitions bugs that were never fixed. I often don’t get the popup that gives me information about the case, but usually it does fulfill the requirement for the case, so I’m not complaining.

Caitlin and Peanut Ivy have been nemeses for a long time, but they never move out or break up. They seem to enjoy hating each other.

Living on an apartment lot does get to be fun, provided there is enough stuff to do in the common areas. Someone is always challenging William to one-on-one basketball. Hmmm…. maybe I’ll add a pool.

After the dragon attack, we gathered up our things, our kids, and our random body parts and moved to a new place.

It was a townhouse in a row of townhomes. The red one.

I knew moving was the right thing. We all felt much better when we got there.

William immediately found the video game system.

Mama enjoyed the view out the window.

Franklin appreciated the wall art.

I found the most perfect lamp I’d ever seen!

Nova found the best source of drinking water.

Those block tables, though. They make me so mad!

William didn’t like it either. “You put the block table in the middle of the living room? You know how sharp these blocks are when you step on them? You have no brain!”

I was in no mood to put up with his crap. “You’ll wish you had no brain when I cut your head in half!”

After that we got all hot and bothered.

And made wild woohoo in our new bed.

Much better.

While we were otherwise distracted, the kids found other things to do.

When I came downstairs, I had to fish Helen out of the toy box.

William had to make sure he was just as beautiful as usual. Trust me, he is.

He’s crazy about his little girls.

I don’t let on that I know he’s a softie.

The girls are getting to be good friends with each other.

Aren’t they adorable?

It just made me want to do the same thing.

The only one in the house who was lonely was Nova. When we moved to the new place, my brothers and sisters wanted to take the other cats home with them. So Nova was all-of-a-sudden an only cat.

That wasn’t really fair. So we adopted a new cat to keep her company.

Meet Mikhail.

They immediately hit it off.

In the middle of all this suffocating cuteness, I got a party invitation. I can’t say that the location of the party was all that inviting.

I met a cute little old fairy. Who hit on me.

I figured a little bit of flirting was just revenge for William’s conduct at our last party.

“Aren’t you married?” some guy asked me.

So I blasted him.

Much easier than answering awkward questions.


Hey! It’s the Wonderlands! I haven’t written them in ages because I was trying to focus on getting the Samples finished. That failed. Instead, I burned out and didn’t do anything for months. So I’m going to try to give my other challenges a little love and see if I can get back into things :).

BTW: The two toddlers hugging was an experiment. I’ve always hated that most interactions are turned off for toddler-toddler. An adult can hug a toddler. An adult can chat with a toddler. A child can play peek-a-boo with a toddler. But without the playpen, they can’t do anything with each other. So I tried using NRaas Retuner to turn on hugs between toddlers, then I tested it to see what the animation would do. It was perfect! Soooo cute! I will now turn it on for all of my games.