0 comments on “1.4 First Date

  1. I love how pleased Cheshire always looks, especially since he's probably the one destroying everything.

    Poor William. I thought he looked different!

    Hetal and Allison are cute together. I hope she starts paying her way, though… Also, is she still a teen?

  2. Ha! Hetal is totally still jailbait. I'm hoping to fix that soon, but I haven't played it yet.

    Cheshire and Dinah are both destroying everything, though it's a lot better now that they have a scratching post. It'll be a long time before Allison can replace that sofa at this rate, though. Hopefully Hetal will bring in some money when she moves in.

  3. Awwww, that is really cute 🙂 Allison and Hetal look great together, even though Hetal is still a teen. Im excited to see their babies already 😀

    I loved how Allison "realised" she had forgotten to feed her kitties and rushed home in the middle of the day1 That's typical for her!

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