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I think he was the best genetic mix too, though I was drawn in by Minnie’s pretty face and Daisy’s different-colored eyes. These were a great group of cats.

I was particularly impressed by Daisy, whose coat was so simple but managed to have a little bit of every ancestor.

The cat spares will move out with the human spares, and we’ll see what StoryProgression does with them :).

As soon as the house can handle more cats, I’ll add Micky’s new mate. I’m happy to take suggestions of awesome-looking cats.

Is anyone interesting in having this guys up for download?

It’s that time again! Time to choose the cat who will go on breeding other cats to hang around underfoot and claw up the furniture in the Wonderland home!

Since cats are shorter-lived, we’re entering Generation 4. Here are the kittens of Generation 3 heir Nova and Mikhal of Calista’s Crazy Colorful Cats.

Poll is at the bottom!



Mickey1 Mickey2 Mickey3 Mickey4


Screenshot-620Minnie1 Minnie2 Minnie3 Minnie4



Daisy Daisy2 Daisy3 Daisy4



Goofy1 Goofy2 Goofy3 Goofy4



There were 10 votes cast. The 11th was me, which I cast to break the tie.

Justin led for most of the poll, with Franklin coming up from behind and tying Justin with the final votes.

I think Justin is by far the most attractive sim of Generation 3, and he’s a nice mix of his parents. (He looks a lot like William at first glance, but I think it’s the color and the cheekbones; he actually has a lot of Erin.) I think he’d be a great addition to any town, and when he reaches adult I’ll put him up for download for anyone who wants him. I think he will almost certainly move into Avalon.

But of the two choices, I think Franklin has the unusual look.

Imogen was my favorite going into the poll. I had an idea of what her narrative voice would be like and what kind of job she’d have (drummer in a band). Franklin was my second choice, though, and I’m really looking forward to playing him.

I’m frantically trying to catch up on my reading at the moment and get enough playing done to have something to write about. Posting will resume at Sample a Brave Legacy before I get going here again, but I hope it won’t be too long before we get to see Franklin take the torch.

The Cat Heir Poll that Wasn’t

I took all the pictures for an heir poll for the cat legacy, then decided not to hold it.

The heir is Nova, which I totally didn’t expect when she was born.

Quasar, Comet, and Nebula all look too much like Peanut for my tastes. Eclipse looks pretty awesome, and I thought about holding a poll for just Nova and Eclipse. But I was really sucked in by Nova’s layered Cheshire and Singularity coloring.

I just loaded the next mate into the game and tried for kittens, so it’s a done deal in the far future of the blog.

But here are the poll pictures. Feel free to say who you would have voted for :).






I swear those pics of Comet and Nebula are different pictures. They really are identical.

And the Winner Is….

I’m continuing my trend of starting the post about the winner a few hours before the poll is done just to see if it generates final votes 🙂 :).  (Aww, it didn’t.)

The winner is….. ERIN!!

Branden: 5 (41%)
Christof: 1 (8%)
Caitlyn: 3 (25%)
Deanne: 0 (0%)
Erin: 7 (58%)

Total Votes: 12

I don’t think this was a big surprise. I think most of us agreed that she was the best genetic mix.

What warms my heart is just how close Branden came to winning!! I think Branden really is my favorite of the kids, though Caitlyn’s a close second. And as a bonus, I think he’s the only one who can really pull off that nose.

As I look at her closely, I believe she and Christof are clones of each other except for the ears (Christof’s are round and Erin’s are pointed). And I think they really are the best genetic mix, though it looks a bit better on Erin. The more I look at Caitlyn, the more I think she’s actually a face clone of Hetal. That makes it good that she didn’t win, for all that I liked her. Branden is a mix of Hetal and Jin with no Allison that I can see.

On Erin, I see —

From Allison: Eye shape, eye color, mouth
From Hetal: Nose (note Hetal’s nose is slightly different from Jin’s), skin color, jawline, ears
From Jin: Eyebrows, hair color

The genes did have a frustrating tendency to randomize in the same way. Other than poor clone Deanne, EVERYONE got an Anjali nose and jawline. I’d’ve loved to see things like an Anjali skintone with blonde hair, Hetal’s jawline, Anjali ears, Hetal’s eyes shape, and Allison’s nose. But alas it was not to be. It does make me want to pull these characters into CAS and Play with Genetics.

So yeah, for a genetic legacy, Erin or Christof were the logical choice, and Erin had pointed ears and more fun coloring.

And Err in Wonderland? Totally my favorite name of all the Gen 2.

Having the accidental afterthought child win has two consequences, one good and one annoying. On the good side, Allison will actually be able to get her LTW, which would be impossible with Branden and highly unlikely with Caitlyn or Christof. On the annoying side, I’m going to have to cake Erin early because as it stands, Allison will die while Erin is still a teen. I’d actually rather like Allison to get some time in retirement to be her Childish self after the torch is passed. Erin’s juvenile life may turn out to be pretty short.

We are here at last! Who shall carry on the Wonderlands in Generation 2?

Branden and Caitlyn are the inborn witches, but I’ve decided that if the winner is not a witch, we will fix that with a witch elixir.

Remember, we’re looking for interesting faces!

Shall it be….


Good, Insane, Ambitious, Vegetarian
Favorite Color: White
Lifetime Wish: World-Renowned Surgeon


Athletic, Friendly, Vegetarian, Insane
Favorite Color: Blue


Good, Insane, Cat Person, Great Kisser
Favorite Color: Green


Clumsy, Angler, Insane, Animal Lover
Favorite Color: Yellow

NOTE: I posted the poll last night, and I now cannot edit it, but Deanne’s not eligible to be heir due to being a face clone. If she wins, I’ll do something fun with her and make the runner-up the heir.


Insane, Schmoozer, Perceptive
Favorite Color: Lime Green

The poll is in the sidebar. If you’re reading through a phone or can’t reach the sidebar for some reason, please leave a vote in the comments. If you vote in the comments, please say “I can’t reach the poll. This is a vote for…” someplace in the comment so that I know which votes to add to the poll count as opposed to the rest of us chattering about who we voted for :).


And the feline Wonderland heir is….



I was torn between Peanut and Strawberry as my favorite, but I’m happy with Peanut. He got most of his coloring from Cheshire and most of his face from Dinah. This makes him very purple and fuzzy, but with the most charming smile, even when his expression is neutral.

My only hesitation was that he’s very asymmetrical, with that big splotch of Dinah red down his right front. But hey, I’m over it already.

I do wish that one of the *four* kittens had gotten Dinah’s beautiful blue green eyes. I don’t know how pet inheritance goes, but maybe there’s a chance of those eyes showing up in Peanut’s kids.

Peanut is well into adulthood at this point, so expect him to make record time with his mate as soon as some of the human spares get out of the house with some of the cat spares.

Right when we least expected it, the kittens grew up!

Well, everyone but Caitlyn. She always paid attention to the kitties, and she was right there to cheer them on.

I was, um, out of the house at the time I think.

Four grown kittens. Cheshire and Dinah congratulated themselves on a job well done.

And here they are.





And Cheshire got old! I think he looks so distinguished.

But I’m sure you want to see more pictures of my wonderful cats!

Dinah nuzzles Strawberry while Cheshire looks on with approval.

Raspberry plays with Dinah.

Plum pesters Strawberry.

Peanut loves on Strawberry.

Peanut looks soft and fluffy and adorable, and he knows it.

Peanut and Plum become one solid tangle of purple stripes!

Dinah grooms Peanut.

Peanut destroys the furniture (of course).

And they all dream kitty dreams.


Well, it’s sort of a post. More importantly, it’s the poll for the heir to the second generation of the Wonderland cat legacy!

Here I was, waiting for the kitten’s birthday to turn up in my backlog of pictures, and it turned out I’d missed it! It was right before Branden’s birthday, actually.

So, which of Dinah and Cheshire’s four adorable progeny would you like to see pass their genes on?

Poll in sidebar as usual. If you can’t use it, comment with your vote!

And Allison’s Sweetie Is….

Hetal out to an early lead, then William overtakes her, then Hetal and William are neck-and-neck, but Chris is coming up from behind….

And it’s a tie! Hetal and William!

A TIE? Seriously? How can you do this to me??

I jumped the gun and wrote up the results with an hour left on the poll because surely there are not enough simblog readers out there for voting to really go up to the end. Then I finished writing, reloaded the blog, and with 45 minutes to go one more person voted.

13 people have voted in this poll. I wasn’t entirely sure there were 13 people READING simblogs :). I feel loved, guys. Thank you!

Results were:

Marigold Maldano: 0 (0%)
Hetal Anjali: 7 (53%)
Rick Lugosi: 3 (23%)
Chris Whoovian: 6 (46%)
William Pierce: 7 (53%)

Votes: 13

Below is the post I wrote before the final check. As the arbiter of ties, I’m going to let it stand. But William’s come-from-behind half-victory is going to have to factor in somehow…


And it’s Hetal Anjali by one vote!

I spent a stupid amount of time reloading the poll to watch the voting. It was nail biting.

Well, color me surprised. Hetal was my favorite. I tried not to let it show. Not sure if I succeeded :). She just really has a face that hearkens to fairy tale witches while also being nontraditionally attractive. I figured one of the spicy celebrity sims would win.

Also, as the generations roll, finding an EA sim who looks really interesting is going to get harder. I don’t know how many generations it takes for townies to end up with totally bland faces with the genetic mixer, but it turns out to not be very many. It’s not really EA’s fault; there are mathematical reasons why this is a hard problem, assuming faces are paired up essentially randomly. At any rate, I see a lot of celebrity sims in this legacy’s future, so it’s nice to get in an EA one.

William would have been my second choice because of the legendary Spike cheekbones. Though truth be told, the designer used some makeup shading on his cheeks, so I don’t know how hollowed out they really are without taking off the makeup — I assume they’re as high and prominent as the editor can handle. (And OK, I wouldn’t mind watching him walk around my game for a generation either. But I was trying to think only about his genes.)

Random side-note: I’m not sure that even James Marsters ever really had the Spike cheekbones. In some shots you can actually tell he’s sucking in his cheeks to get that effect. Snerk.

After that, it was a toss-up between Chris and Marigold. Nobody liked Marigold. Poor sim. Let’s not tell her. Then again, she was never in danger of having to marry Allison, which you might view as a benefit.

Note: I did a Google search, and it turns out that there is in fact a way to back-hack a poll into a post. I will try this in the future. Instructions here.

Now I can go back to playing!

Gen 1 Mate Advisory Poll!

You’re all invited to advise me on who Allison should make babies with! I have a sort-of favorite, but we’ll see what you think!

Remember, we are looking for INTERESTING faces. I find that perfectly beautiful faces are often not interesting. But this is also not an uglacy. I’m only going to include sims I think fit the criteria.

In the order Allison met them:

Marigold Maldano


Marigold is the only fairy Allison has met so far. Her face didn’t immediately interest me, but the more I look at it, the more distinctive it seems. I’m pretty tired of that old hairstyle. If she wins, I’ll give her a new one. But she’s a a very fierce, determined face.

Hetal Anjali


Hetal is a witch.

If this were an Uglacy, Hetal’s mother Jin Anjali would win hands down. She’s the most amazingly ugly EA sim I’ve ever seen. Jin was assigned to be a (heh) Stylist in my town, and when I saw her on the street, I just had to pause the game and stare. She’s more impressive in the game — more like ugly as an art form.

Hetal, on the other hand, grows on me the longer I look at her. She’s really rather exotically attractive. She’s a teen, but I am more than happy to age her up.

I’m taking Param Singh out of the running because his face doesn’t interest me. Also, he’s the only supernatural Allison met who was already married. OTOH, he has a brother and sister-in-law in Starlight Shores who look MUCH more interesting. They may show up in Moonlight Falls at a later date.

Rick Lugosi


Rick is a vampire. As we mentioned in comments, he’s an EA sim inspired by Bela Lugosi, the original 1930s Count Dracula. Despite the age lines, he’s an Adult. It looks like he has a subtly off-green skintone, I assume using the new color sliders.

Chris Whoovian


Chris is an Adult werewolf. He’s a celebrity sim of the 9th Doctor Who. I dropped him into the game for genetic diversity, and also because I like Doctor Who :).

He’s the only sim I don’t have a terribly good picture of. Also, the game inexplicably changed his hair — his original hair is an EA hair. I didn’t notice immediately, but I think the one he was designed with looks better on him.

Here are his promo shots from ModtheSims, which should give you a better idea of what he looks like.

I do have to say that if this were the 10th Doctor, played by David Tennant, there would be no poll. He’s in the game, but Allison didn’t meet him. I reserve the right to drop him back in the game later to pair off with some future heir.

And last but certainly not least, William Pierce.


William is, as you might expect, a vampire. He’s a sim of Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. He is by far the hottest sim in the poll, but Spike’s always had an incredibly interesting face, and I think this is one of the best sim look-alikes I’ve ever seen. He should be thinner. Spike always seemed to have about -10% body fat. Whether or not he wins the heir poll, I may tweak his weight and see if I can’t get a thin sim with all those lovely muscles.

On the negative side, he’s currently engaged to Buffy’s sim, Beatrice Saunders. Breaking them up might be a little rough on us Spuffy ‘shippers.

One thing that WordPress really seems to have going for it is the ability to put the poll IN THE POST. As far as I can tell, Blogger only lets you put one on the sidebar. I think I’ll edit this post when the poll is closed to put in the results for posterity.

You can vote for more than one option in the poll. Just don’t vote for EVERYONE :).

Also, to my deep annoyance, I don’t seem to be able to change the text color on the choices. Sorry. You can always drag-select over them to read them :-p.