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After such a rough day, it was nice to be reminded of the cycle of life. Little Nova was such a doll. I bet she had just a bit of Cheshire in her, since she was born so close to when he died.

Singu’s first gift to her little daughter was a turtle! It was almost as big as Nova!

Singu is such a wild thing, and she’s an amazing huntress. I think she expected little Nova to, um, *eat* that turtle. Ick. I snatched it up before anything that gross could happen. I prefer my kitties to eat the kind of food that comes out of a bag. At least in the house.

I made an arrangement to sell the turtle at the flea market across the street. Apparently it was pretty rare and worth a lot of money.

I’m sure it was happier living in someone’s aquarium than not living in Nova’s stomach.

Nova herself settled in very quickly. I’d forgotten how much I missed having a kitten about!

Singularity, meanwhile, was soon up and consoling her beloved Peanut about his father’s death.

He seemed a lot more cheerful after that.

Soon he perked up and was back to his old adventurous self again. Peanut might not be as smart as his daddy, but he sure is resilient.

I had to charge up on all the kitty sweetness I could because I was about to lose another one of my girls.

This time, it was Deanne’s turn to grow up and get her start in the world.

She chose a very different look! I don’t think I’m brave enough to chop off all those long locks, but she certainly looks smart and capable this way!

Um, apparently, Erin was a bit too eager to cheer for Deanne and forgot the macaroni and cheese she had cooking on the stove.

I swear, we have more trouble with macaroni in this house. It’s such a temperamental noodle.

Deanne and Erin grabbed their slices of cake while I dealt with the fire.

I guess they know better than to get too worried about a house fire when I’m here.

Hetal was kind of cranky about the whole thing. This is the third fire we’ve had in this kitchen.

When I finally sat down to eat my own cake, Deanne nudged me. “There’s a firefighter at the door.”

Then she took another look.

“I really, really hot firefighter! Oh my gosh! Is he looking at me?”

He certainly was, and it was quite a manly stare. Not that I’d know much about things like that.

I didn’t recognize this fellow. He must have been a new guy. It turns out he was here to give us a lecture! Because there was no fire! Because I’d already put it out!

Well, I never!

Deanne was furious! She gave that guy a lecture like you wouldn’t believe. She said that he ought to be throwing a party in my honor.

She refused to calm down until he gave her is phone number.

That’s my enterprising girl.

At last we all had to hug Deanne goodbye. She knew what she wanted to do with her life, and it wasn’t here. She was going to get a small apartment closer to downtown.

It was pretty clear why she wanted to move out so fast.

Her grandmother’s friend even. Well, she doesn’t look a day over my age.
I guess it didn’t work out with the firefighter. Too bad.
She also didn’t forget that she needed to pay the bills.
Deanne will make an excellent test subject. I haven’t met a brain more impenetrable.
Erin was the only child left in the house now, and I could see that she was having a hard time with it. It’s hard to be picked on by four older siblings and then suddenly have the run of the house.

I tried to cheer Erin up by piling all three of us into the fire engine and heading out to the fairy gardens to take a tour of the Arboretum.

It didn’t work.

I’d never have thought a tour of fairy houses would be boring, but there you go.

We all went home, and I set about making the stove fireproof. It’s caused us enough trouble, and there’s always the chance that a fire might break out while I’m not around.

Hetal played video games on Erin’s new game console.

Erin did her homework and then hung out in some chat room on her new iTab. I swear, she spends too much time staring at a screen. She misses out on so much of real life! Like beautiful burning fires and kitties.

Speaking of kitties.

I rest my case.


Fires in home: 2 + 1 = 3

Couldn’t go without a fail forever. 🙂

All of the spares are out of the house now.

Also of interest is my post on the Sample blog about Twallan’s resignation:


I don’t know if I ever mentioned it, but I have a way with computers. When Caitlin talks about having “Golden Fingers,” she seems to think it has something to do with music. I have the REAL golden fingers. With just a few strokes of my fingers on a computer keyboard, I have any information I want.

By the day after I saw him on Snowflake Day, I knew everything there was to know about William Pierce.

He’d been married for almost as long as my folks to some woman named Beatrice nee Saunders. Apparently, she had quite a reputation amongst vampires, and it wasn’t a good one. I’m not entirely sure what kept them together, but it seemed to work.

But it seems like things had gone south recently.

Which was probably William’s fault. He seemed to have a thing for old witches.

Plus, he had a huge blowout with his son recently and kicked him out of the house.

Wow. It sounds like you’d have to be crazy to be into this guy.
Fortunately, I am certifiably Insane. For real. I took a test at school and everything.
And, hey, he was a Creature of the Night, which meant that he’d keep that young, hard, touchable… ahem, body for a good long time still. That made up for a lot of ills.
I’m pretty good at making people like me. I even made prom queen in school. I felt like destiny was pulling me toward William. Just how hard was I willing to work for some guy who was an asshole by all accounts?

I looked at the greeting card pictures we had up in the hall. My folks have always been crazy about each other. If I was meant for William, I was going to have to burn the fear of witchcraft into him. If he didn’t like the sun, wait till he saw me when he pissed me off.

While I was thinking these deep thoughts, the rest of the family was ignoring me with a rousing game of dominoes.

Deanne things that Hetal needs to beg for a promotion. Hetal says she’d rather blackmail her boss instead.

Peanut tried to figure out where the water was coming from.

I told Bungle what was I feeling while I made breakfast for everyone. Bungle is my best friend of all. He’s the only one I can really talk to. I don’t really care that nobody else thinks he exists.

Bungle kind of thought I was crazy too. There are other fish in the sea, he said. A lot of them are less inclined to cheat on you. I told him that was a mixed metaphor anyway.

He gave up and decided to watch some television. He couldn’t actually turn on the TV, but he said his imagination is enough.

It was a relaxed holiday weekend, and we decided to have some fun in the snow.

Deanne swears she can catch things in that pond, even when it’s frozen over. She may not be a witch, but I think she has some kind of fish magic.

Mum wanted to play tag.

I had nothing better to do, and it got William off my mind for a while.

Then Mama decided she wanted a rousing game of ping pong.

That’s when things started to get nuts.

Mum always had an affinity for the cats, and I think she sensed that they were in distress, even from the other side of the house.

But she couldn’t do anything about it because Mama was having her birthday.

So while Deanne and I said goodbye to dear old Cheshire,

Mama got old.

I think they both felt really guilty about the timing.

The comfort in each other, though.

Deanne took her feelings out on the trash compactor.

The two of them have never gotten along all that well anyway.

I think it was hardest for Dinah, though.

Then when we were just settling down into the depths of despair, Singularity started yowling and making a huge racket!

We ran to her to make sure she was all right, and she popped out a kitten!

So much for my perceptiveness. I didn’t even realize she was pregnant.

This is little Nova. Isn’t she cute?


All that happened in one sim evening. It’s enough to make your head swim!

RIP, Cheshire. He lived a good bit past his lifespan, and he got a good run.

This is the first kitten of the cat legacy Generation 3. I was not happy with her when she was a kitten, but I liked her more as she grew into an adult cat. I’ll see what you think.


Caitlin couldn’t stop talking about this girl she kissed at prom. A girl! She swore she was going to call her as soon as she got home. As far as I know, she never did call her.

We didn’t notice until we got home that Deanne wasn’t with us.

She turned up later looking pretty funny. She said she didn’t want to talk about it.

But, wow, did she make the rest of us want to jump off a cliff.

Maybe the sinking feeling of despair wasn’t her fault, though. My big brother and sister were growing up and moving out.

It’s hard to imagine them gone. The house is going to feel empty without them.

I did my best to smile for their sake. Moving out has to be scary. I’m never going to do it unless Mama and Mum kick me out on my butt.

Deanne didn’t try to so hard to put on a brave face. She can be a real pain sometimes.

And, of course, Mum got called for an emergency right in the middle of cake. She always gets called at the worst possible moment.

Apparently the local gypsies got very confused about what air conditioning was for.

Mum sorted them out.

Deanne and I were kind of ticked at Mum for leaving while we were saying goodbye to Caitlyn and Christof. She swore she’d make it up to everyone. She wanted us to have a real Snowflake Day with the whole family.

I loved the idea. What a great way to get presents!

Caitlyn and Christof were the first ones to arrive. I guess they weren’t so eager to be out on their own after all.


Larry Pierce from school? I thought this was supposed to be a family party!

And Caitlyn’s ex Gustavo Singh?

Who is this, anyway?

Everyone rushed to drop their pitch-in food on the end table in the folks’ room instead of the kitchen counter or the dining table, which are much closer. It seems to be a tradition.

And then HE walked in the door and into my heart forever.

He was the most beautiful man I had ever seen. I couldn’t take my eyes off him. 
Who was this mystery man, and why was he here?
There was magic between us, drawing us together. I was just sure he could feel it.

Then Mum breeze by. “Erin!” she said. “Did you clean your room like I told you? I invited a few more people to the party. I’m sure nobody minds. Have you met William Pierce? He’s an old friend from the fire station. You might have met him before. He’s your little friend Larry’s daddy.”


Thanks, Mum, you just told my cosmic soulmate that I’m still a teenager. You just ruined my life.

I don’t think William Pierce — isn’t that a beautiful name? So sensual! — was even listening. Deanne was doing that thing she does again.

Then we got down to the important stuff — the swag.

I got exactly what I wanted!

I just know William must have given it to me! Or, well, it might have been Mama and Mum, but I bet he knew what I was getting anyway.

I tried to meet his eyes when I thanked everyone for my game console.

But then this lady, Dawn Saunders, had to make everything about HER. Apparently she just split with her husband or something. Some people are just drama queens.

Branden got a chemistry set. He was very sweet about it.

HE just sat in the back, cool as a cucumber, and watched everyone giggling and unwrapping.

Mum got a chess set.

She said she’d really rather have something sporty.

William mocked her for being all old and saggy. Sure, he was kind of an asshole, but he was so eloquent about it.

I think he got something arty. He seemed to like it.

I know who bought Mama’s gift.

Grandma got coal!

Whose bright idea was that? Certainly not mine. She’s so old that the shock could induce cardiac arrest or something.

When we were done with the important stuff, Caitlin told everyone about her new job. She certainly looked great.

She was really into music, so I didn’t expect her to get a job as a corporate drone. But you just never know what makes people tick sometimes.

I’m certainly not going to get a job with The Man. I’m going to be my own boss.
At any rate, the party ran late because we wanted to maximize our family time. But I have to admit that after William left, I found it hard to pay much attention. Visions of his amazing face, not to mention his amazing chest, kept fluttering through my mind.

When everyone was left and Deanne had given us all a break by taking her tragic clown butt to bed, I really wanted to try out my new Adventure Time game console.

But my folks wanted to try out Mama’s present.

I locked myself in my room before they could get really gross.

I’m sure that seeing them together will land me in therapy later in life as it is.

And then there were four. 
I don’t know if Erin will get another perspective post before she takes over, but this was too good to miss. BTW, I used her free action to throw a friendship potion at William. It would be terribly annoying if she didn’t know him to invite him over when she inherited the ISBI.
Caitlin rolled the Golden Tongue, Golden Fingers LTW and she got an A in school, so I gave her Virtuoso. She immediately got a job in business, and I’ve seen no evidence that she’s ever even learned Guitar.
Christof became an athlete, which I think will surprise no one.
I replaced the game console that Erin received from the Gift Giving Party with the Adventure Time console created by Anubis Under the Sun. That thing is adorable.
This was my first Gift Giving Party, and it was pretty cute. Though some people went through the gift opening animation twice. I guess that interaction just keeps going until you stop it or everyone leaves.

Christof was the man of the house these days. Well, the only man in the house anyway. I think sometimes it made him a little lonely.

The kitties tried to make sure he felt appreciated. They’re so empathic sometimes.

He was also working harder in school.

Hetal was trying out new recipes. She called this one “Stu Surprise.” We knew better than to ask what the surprise was.

Our kitties continued to be sweet together.

Deanne was really into playing in the snow. She came up with some…. interesting…. snow sculptures.

Sometimes she really didn’t seem to like her work, though.

Hetal decided to run for City Council. She started spending time campaigning around town, including giving speeches at the school.

And guess what? She was elected!! There was plenty of nectar passed around the house that night!

Erin decided to make friends with an honors student in hopes of improving her grades. She decided to take the easy way and used a potion someone sent us in the mail.

This girl, Meredith immediately really liked her.

But it turned out that they didn’t have a lot to talk about.

Oh, and here’s William Pierce’s son Larry, who is kind of a creeper.

I came home from work to take a much needed shower.

And it had an unexpected effect.

Huh. Too bad it washes out. I could get used to this.

I figured out what to do with all those stones I collected that turned to not be rainbow gems. This could be come quite a side business.

And then it was time for another party! Erin was growing up, plus we had Hetal’s election to celebrate.

My littlest girl turned out lovely, don’t you think?

Hetal was so happy to see Erin grow up. I’ve never seen her so content.

Right after we finished our cake, a limousine pulled up in front of the house. It turns out Christof had rented it. It was time for prom!

Hetal and I were left with no kids for an entire evening. You can guess what we were doing.
LTW: 0 + 1 = 1
Woot! Finally some points! And a lot of them, as I recall. Though I’m sure we’re still in the negative after all those fails. I’ll try doing a tally when Erin takes over.
I used Erin’s childhood action to use a friendship potion to get an opportunity for school, and I aged her up just a little bit early so that they could all go to prom together :).
Caitlin returned from prom with a female love interest named Mona, but nothing became of it after she moved out. I guess it was just a single golden moment. 🙂

Peanut and Singularity were getting along just swell these days. You’d think they were brother and sister! Or, well, something.

Christof started his day cleaning up after the bathtub that had been broken for three days. He’s such a responsible boy.

Maybe I should fix the bathtub.

Hetal made breakfast.

But then her carpool showed up, so left everything out on the counter and dashed out to work complaining about how hungry she was. We had a fridge full of leftovers she could have eaten instead.

The kids all caught the school bus.

And then everyone was gone, leaving their breakfast mess behind them.

I swear. The things I won’t do for this family.

Just as I’d finished loading the dishwasher, Erin showed up back at home.

“Why aren’t you at school, you lady??” I demanded.

Erin grinned. “There’s no school!” she said. “It’s a snow day!”

“Wait, didn’t you leave on the bus?” I asked.
“Yeah, and the school was closed when we got there. And I had to come home on my broom. Pretty lame.”
“Then where are your brother and sisters?”
Erin shrugged. “Still there I guess.”
And they were.

Apparently, they played in the school yard all day, then took the bus back home.

It was like hooky in reverse — going to school when you’re not supposed to instead of ditching it when you are.

Peanut had a nice snooze under the snow.

Just as the teens got home from “school,” my home fire alarm went off.

I dashed off to do my duty as a hero.

And what do you know? It was Jules MacDuff. Haven’t heard from him in a while.

I think he’s MacDuff-Slymer or something now. He married that ghost who has been stalking Chauncey for her whole unlife.

This fire was a big spectacle. Everyone on the block came over to freak out.

Saving Jules’s life was very satisfying.

Though when I asked him to leave, he decided to just stay and play foosball while I saved the rest of the house. He has a lot of confidence in me, considering what an ass he was to my wife. I’m sure that’s all water under the bridge at this point in our lives. SURE.

The bedroom was really cramped. It was hard to find a place where I could really swing my ax. It’s a good thing I didn’t care what I did to his furniture.

With the fire extinguished and everyone saved yet again, I headed outside to address my adoring fans.

They all started to hoot and wave noisemakers at me. It was so nice to be loved.

And then a strange feeling overcame me….

And I got old.

I could have picked a better place to do that than the front steps of my wife’s ex-boyfriend’s house.

Ah well. What’s done is done. I headed home to show the new me to the most important person in my life.

Hetal didn’t seem to mind at all.

She let me know I was just as sexy to her as ever.

In the best way possible.

It really is nice to be loved.


I have got to start posting again because Erin has already taken over in gameplay and is about to have her first kid!!

It appears that kids always leave on the bus on a snow day. Way to defeat the purpose of a snow day. I think I will consider it legal in the future to cancel that action.

I was kind of misty-eyed about this one because it signals the beginning of the end for Allison. She’s been a lot of fun.

I rather liked the blue flower hair she aged into. It seemed kind of appropriate. But I finally decide she had to have her old hair back and changed in when I gave her a makeover.

The holiday season was in the air. It hadn’t snowed yet, but we wanted to get our lights up early.

Hetal began the day by going out to interrupt Deanne’s fishing to brag about her mad cooking skilz.

Deanne made all the right appreciative noises, but I knew she’d rather be fishing. Deanne’s not a bad cook herself, judging from the three-day-old waffles we’re still eating.

Then she walked in inside, saw Caitlyn in the kitchen, and lit into her!

I didn’t catch the whole tirade, but it had something to do with a prank Caitlyn pulled on her. Sometime. I’m really not sure.

This is not a side of Hetal I see very often.

Caitlyn said something under her breath as she walked away. I thought it was “witch,” but I’m not sure. I mean, what’s insulting about calling Hetal a witch?

Whatever it was, Hetal chased her down and let her have it!

Christof really appreciated the whole scene. I think he should have shown more solidarity with his twin, but he seemed to be pretty entertained.

I just don’t know about that boy sometimes.

Caitlyn begged Hetal to forgive her.

Hetal said she would let it go just this once.

To make peace, she conjured Caitlyn and apple.

Well, it was a poisoned apple.

Hetal tried to change the subject.

But it was really better that everyone went their separate ways.

Later on, Hetal seemed to get into a better mood. She told Erin some naughty jokes.

But then she started following Erin and around and talking…. and talking….

It was so boring, it just sucked all the energy out of Erin!

So Hetal consoled herself by scaring the crap out of poor Caitlyn. Bygones be bygones by butt. I just don’t know what got into her. My strategy was to avoid attention as much as possible until she got off her tirade.

Sensing that she wasn’t welcome in the house, my wife decided to go outside and interrupt Deanne’s fishing AGAIN, this time to brag about her amazing broom stunt skillz.

Deanne didn’t dare tell her mom to buzz off, but she *really* would rather have been fishing.

OK, enough of that. Did I mention that our kitties are cute?

Really really cute?


No fails AGAIN! She shoots! She scores!

Erin passing out from being Bored to Death by Hetal does not count :-p.

Dude. Hetal lets out all the Evil in one day! She just went from one sim to the other and harassed them. It was amazing.

I think I have more than one post per game-day right now. The Wonderlands were just so active and entertaining! I’ll make up for it when all the spares move out and I’m trying to get Allison’s LTW finished before aging up Erin. That’s where I am now, and wow is the game more boring without all those idiots. Erin needs to age up, get married, and start popping out babies soon!

The kitties were so sweet.

But there were only three of them! We were so used to a house full of cats that just our three old friends felt lonely.
Caitlyn seemed to feel it the worst.

To make her feel better, Hetal promised to get a new cat. I may have an issue with the babies my lovely wife wants, but I can never complain about more cats.

So we went out to look for a new feline friend and came back with Singularity.

She’s a beauty, isn’t she?

And she’s quite the huntress.

We spent all morning watching her. Peanut seemed particularly taken.

Meanwhile, Christof went out before dawn to look at the stars.

Deanne got up early to fish and caught a few minnows. They don’t bring in as much as frogs, but they also take up less space.

I cleaned up a mess Hetal had left on the floor.

Apparently, they were some sort of important papers that she wanted destroyed, so it seems I did her a favor. I don’t ask about Hetal’s job because there are things about my wife I’m better off not knowing.

Erin did her homework. She’s such a studious girl. Sometimes I worry that she doesn’t get out enough.

Christof came back home and worked on his soccer moves some more. I think he’s going to be a professional. I’m so proud.
Peanut and Singularity continued to get acquainted.

She’s such a dainty creature, our Singu.

And ambitious!

Now that I’m working from home, it’s impossible to leave work at work. So I upgraded my fire extinguisher.

And souped up my WooWoo5000. I love my WooWoo5000. It’s like my own personal mechanical kitty cat. Very big, loud kitty cat.

It was getting cold, so Caitlyn warmed her tushie by the fire. If I were her, I’d put on more clothes, but who am I to judge?

Hetal and Erin broke out the dominoes.

Did I mention Singularity was cute? We just couldn’t stop watching her.

Then Deanne exercised while Erin watched TV. I think they were watching the news. Maybe it has a really good beat to work out to.

And Caitlyn and I worked on our backhand.

While Christof worked on his upper body strength.

Then it started to get dark, and I hung up some new lanterns on the back porch.
Deanne was devastated. If I’d known how she felt about lanterns, I’d never have hung them.

Hetal pointed out that it was just a light, and there was no reason to get so upset.

While Hetal was helping Deanna calm down, Erin saw the light and freaked out.

Caitlyn hurried out to comfort her.

Caitlyn at least likes my taste in illumination. It’s nice to have a little support around here.

But even Hetal decided they were really kind of monstrous.



Welcome Singularity Tart! This is Black Hole Tart from the Tart ISBI with a sex-change because I needed a female mate for Peanut. Thus the cat legacy prepares to pop out Gen 3.

All the idiots followed her around and watched her play all day, but the animations never make it clear that’s what they’re doing, so I don’t have a picture. She does in fact have the Hunter trait, and that means she spends most of her time autonomously hunting. This is great for picking up critters to sell at the Consignment Store. (I decided it was OK to use Twallan’s Consigner because it’s dumb that you can buy things at the Consignment Store that you can’t *sell* there.)

It wasn’t clear because I missed capturing a popup someplace, but Hetal got a work opportunity to destroy some papers. You had to drag the papers out of her inventory onto the floor and then throw them away. (I had to look it up online because it was very non-obvious.) It turned out that anyone could throw them away, so Hetal got a nice performance boost and a promotion Woot.

Watching everyone “React to New Object” and freak out was even more funny in game.

It was Branden’s birthday! My baby was growing up and going out into the world. I couldn’t believe it.

Deanne began to the special day by making waffles for everyone! And there wasn’t even a fire. How nice.

Though a fire would have been fun too.

As I sat munching my breakfast, I thought about what I could do as a birthday present for my youngest and most ambitious son before he went off into the world.

I remembered he’d been mumbling about wanting a rainbow gem for his favorite doll Glenda. Sure, he was about to graduate from high school, but who was I to criticize someone having a special doll? I decided I’d go out and find one for him.

So I headed out in the rain in my trusty souped up fire engine. Because I’m a great mom.

It shouldn’t be too hard to find a rainbow gem, right? Especially since I bought this nice guide to all the gems in town.

Well, that wasn’t it.

And that wasn’t either.

While I was away, the family had a nice leisurely Saturday.

Christof practiced soccer tricks. He’s such a sportsman.


Hetal and Caitlin got their dominoes on.

Branden was sweet on the kitties.

And talked to his “best friend.”

Deanne fished.

And caught us some plump juicy frogs! 
Those bring in a nice price at the consignment store. I’m not going to wonder about what people buy frogs for.

Erin took out the trash. I’m starting to like Erin.

She also had some pretty involved conversations with her “best friend.” I will say that my kids never get lonely. If they don’t have a friend, they just make one up.

I trucked back at dusk.


I don’t want to talk about it.

With the whole day wasted, we just had to offer Branden our love and a cake for his birthday.

He’s such a sweetheart that he didn’t seem to mind.

I don’t know about you, but I think he’s a hottie! Especially in that form fitting spandex.

Yes, he’s my son. I just appreciate what other people will be thinking when they look at him.

We sat down over cake and talked a bout Branden’s big plans now that he was going to go out into the world to make his mark.

Hetal of course wanted him to go into politics. She said there was a lot of money to be made there. Though I’m not quite sure what she’s talking about — she doesn’t bring home all that much money from her job.

Branden appreciated her suggestion, especially the money, but he said he had something else in mind.

While we older folks were talking about serious things, Erin scolded her “friend” Bungle. Apparently Bungle hates Deanne for some reason.

Then the kids got into an argument about who would clean up the dishes. I love my kids!

During all the shouting and commotion, I didn’t notice a newcomer to our private party.

Branden was dumbfounded when he saw her.

The unknown girl gave him a crooked smile. “Branden, it’s me!” she said. “I’m a real girl!”

“Glenda?” Branden gasped.

Branden dragged the girl out on the front porch to have a long talk.

Apparently it went pretty well.

They sure did look cute together. I really wish Branden the best.

I wanted to give the two lovebirds their privacy, so I decided to make a diversion.

Someone (*cough* Amhranai *cough*) sent me this potion, and I thought I’d throw it at Erin to see what it did.

Erin yelped and snorted a bunch of glowing green smoke. It was pretty fun to see.

And then she started doing magic! We have another witch in the family! I’m so proud.

Also I’m glad the potion didn’t turn her into a frog or something.

That talk with Glenda went very well, because she decided to move out with him. And that’s a good thing because I hope some strange girl didn’t expect to live with *us*.

He took the savings Hetal and I had set aside for the kids and got a small home for himself and Glenda. He also took Raspberry, Strawberry, and Plum with him. I’ll miss the kitties, but he’s very good to them.

It was rough saying goodbye to Branden. Hetal and I consoled each other by reminding ourselves of what a good boy we raised.

Hetal admitted that she missed the pitter patter of little feet.

I told her there was no way in hell I was having another kid.

But I’d love to practice.

I hope Christof was really interested in his homework.

Branden called every day after he moved out, so we got lots of news on how he was doing. His career is going fabulously! My boy is going to be a doctor!

Unfortunately, his love life hasn’t gone well at all.

Those girls just don’t deserve him, that’s all. Someone is going to be very lucky when they land my Branden!
Thanks to Amhranai for the witch potion! Now our Gen 2 heir is a witch. I’m really looking forward to playing that.
Sorry I’ve been so long posting over here. I have a lot of gameplay stacked up now. In game, Erin’s just waiting on Allison’s LTW to age to YA and take over the challenge 
Seriously, there are no rainbow gems in Moonlight Falls, at least during the day when I was playing Allison. She now has a whole lot of gems, though, so hopefully the Wonderlands will not be so money-crunched, even with the cost of buying Branden a starter home.
I finally decided to cheat since Branden was leaving the challenge anyway. Turns out you can make an IF real in MasterController by going to Intermediate->Occult:Remove and removing the Imaginary Friend occult type. That turned her human and added her to the household. Then I added the occult type back, and she stayed human.
I let Branden use a friend potion on her and flirt her up to romantic interest, but then she decided to do something else after she moved out. Awww. And Lacey Boyles found someone else too.
At least Branden’s a paramedic!
And no fails. We’re on a roll :).

We are here at last! Who shall carry on the Wonderlands in Generation 2?

Branden and Caitlyn are the inborn witches, but I’ve decided that if the winner is not a witch, we will fix that with a witch elixir.

Remember, we’re looking for interesting faces!

Shall it be….


Good, Insane, Ambitious, Vegetarian
Favorite Color: White
Lifetime Wish: World-Renowned Surgeon


Athletic, Friendly, Vegetarian, Insane
Favorite Color: Blue


Good, Insane, Cat Person, Great Kisser
Favorite Color: Green


Clumsy, Angler, Insane, Animal Lover
Favorite Color: Yellow

NOTE: I posted the poll last night, and I now cannot edit it, but Deanne’s not eligible to be heir due to being a face clone. If she wins, I’ll do something fun with her and make the runner-up the heir.


Insane, Schmoozer, Perceptive
Favorite Color: Lime Green

The poll is in the sidebar. If you’re reading through a phone or can’t reach the sidebar for some reason, please leave a vote in the comments. If you vote in the comments, please say “I can’t reach the poll. This is a vote for…” someplace in the comment so that I know which votes to add to the poll count as opposed to the rest of us chattering about who we voted for :).


Jin called to check up on us after the party. I’m not sure, but I think she wanted to make sure that nobody was going to burn the house down. I mean, really? With me in the house? 
I did get to find out what had Hetal so mad that she missed her youngest kids’ birthdays.
I appreciate her wanting to stand up for her mother’s husband, even if the timing was a little bad.
Also, in the name of shameless gossip, Chauncey’s ex-fiancee has taken up with a college boy just out of high school. 
And I guess our pack of kitties really rubbed off on Jin because she has one of her own now!

Erin was spending more and more time hanging out with her “best friend” Bungle. When she talked about him, I just smiled and nodded. I mean, it’s not like it was unusual for people in this family to talk to things that weren’t there. I just hope she doesn’t forget to spend time with real people too.

Branden, on the other hand, seemed to know what she was talking about. He asked Erin a lot about Bungle. He seemed to want to know if Bungle knew where Glenda was. Glenda who? Wait, wasn’t that the name of his favorite doll when he was a kid?

Erin seemed to understand, though. She said she’d try to find out for him.

In less confusing news, Caitlyn was being very scholarly these days. Deanne was jealous, but not jealous enough to do her own homework.

She didn’t take it very well when Branden tried to be helpful and offered to help her with her math. Sometimes big brothers just aren’t appreciated.

Then, while Branden was cleaning up after breakfast, he saw something that made his face light up.

I don’t completely understand, but I think he found his old doll? I didn’t realize it meant so much to him.

There wasn’t much time to talk after that because the school bus arrived. For the first time *all* my children were headed off to learn.

With Hetal also gone to work, I got to have a peaceful breakfast at home. Alone.

The silence was golden.

Then I had to head downtown so that the mayor could give me a medal.

Pretty nifty, huh?

And while the medal wasn’t worth any money, it also came with a promotion!

Now that’s more like it.

I wonder what I should do with my new-found fame and fortune?

Not long after I got home and finished fixing the shower that Hetal broke, I got my first home call.

It was at the grocery store.

It was a very weird call, let me tell you. Much stranger that swearing gnomes. But we did get the clanker pinned down and shipped off for repairs.
When I returned, everyone was already home.

Caitlyn arrived home with her phone stuck to her ear. She can’t stop talking to some admirer.

Deanne has a new crush. She can’t stop talking about some Weaver fellow. I’m pretty sure he’s Ayden van Gould’s love child with that psycho chick Echo he was dating for a while.

I think Esteban may be a bit difficult for Deanne to catch, though.

Erin took an interest in our new stereo, which was a sort of housewarming gift from some people I’m pretty sure we don’t know. Hodginses, I think?

But she didn’t like the song that was playing.

Kitty break!

I got the kitties a new present. I don’t think they know what to make of it yet.

Everyone is back to being very responsible.

Branden in particular has been working hard on some kind of after school project. He’s hoping it will help him in his future career.

He hasn’t even been taking breaks to get something to eat.

I hear the project went very well, though! I wouldn’t expect anything else. Branden is such a hard worker.

Erin came and asked Caitlyn to read her a bedtime story.

Caitlyn is such a good big sister.

Erin went right to sleep. I swear that never happens when I do it!

Meanwhile, Deanne was hard at work at some kind of secret baking project. What could she be making?

It looks like we have another birthday coming up….


No fails!

Note: I missed a fail in the last chapter and went back and edited it. If you don’t feel like going to check to see if you missed it, Branden peed himself at the party.

This is the last post before the heir poll. I’ll put that up shortly.

The big event in this post is that I discovered that the MasterController Reset Sim command is much stronger than the resetsim cheat, which is what I usually use. Branden’s IF doll wanted to “come out to play” when he was a child, and I pulled her out onto the ground while he was napping on a park bench at school. I didn’t know you had to pull out an IF *at home*. So Glenda disappeared, and I hadn’t been able to find any way to get her back. MasterController Reset Sim did it. I’m sure Branden wishes I’d figured that out a LONG time ago….

Oh, and well, Allison reached the top of her career, which would be far more exciting if that were her LTW. She only has rescued 10 people, and she needs 30. I missed several emergencies early on because I didn’t realize what a short amount of time you have to respond to them, and then she just hasn’t gotten a lot of rescue opportunities. It seems unlikely that she’ll be able to finish it, but I guess we’ll see.