0 comments on “1.36 See the Light

  1. Cat spam 😀 Singularity really is a pretty cat, and matches Peanut well. I sense cute kittens 😀

    The family is hilarious, as always, and has its quirks, as always. Lanterns are scary sometimes, though.

  2. I view the "React to New Object" interaction to be a pointless waste of time, so I always cancel it. Of course, I couldn't cancel it in an ISBI, but don't they usually do the happy punch? I've never seen sims so upset about buying something new. Sure, it was one of the cheapest lights because they still don't have much money, but sheesh…

  3. Love the new cat, I laughed at the tank thought bubble it appears to have already had enough crazy and is planning world domination XD
    Erin is my favorite, she's so cute and any kid that actually dose their homework gets a gold star in my book 🙂
    They don't like that poor lantern XD I don't get the reactions some Sims do but they sure are hilarious.

  4. Who knew that porch lights were so evil? Remind me never to get one! The name of the fire engine never fails to make me laugh.

    Singularity is such a beautiful kitty. I can sense some adorably psychedelic kitties in the Wonderland's future.

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