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  1. When I saw him as an adult, I was having serious heir's remorse. But Erin as a teen is very promising, so I'm getting over it. Plus Erin is going to be a Private Eye (pretty much the only thing that her Perceptive trait is good for), and that looks like a fun profession.

  2. Ooooh, that's where the potion came to use 😀 I'm really glad I could contribute to your story. This should be an extremely interesting Gen 2!

    Too bad that Branden moved out, he actually started to grow on me. His face is special, but deserves to be passed on to the next generations. 🙂

    Best part of the chapter: Allison saying "I'm a great mom" while standing on a porch covered in rubbish.

  3. First off HOLY BIG FROG! That would scare me to death. Imagery Friends are hating now? What has our world come to? XD Bye Branden :'( I'm going miss you, but best of luck with Glenda 🙂 Erin's a witch now, cute! Great chapter I forgot how much I loved reading about the wonderlands 🙂

  4. Thank you! And yeah, those frogs are huge. I love seeing fisher sims catch fish because they look so different than when you put them in a tank. It's also nice to see one of the Angler sims finally doing autonomous fishing! Jin is also and Angler and never did.

    I will miss Branden :).

  5. Bwahaha! Yeah, well, Allison never cleans. She's too busy being heroic. I'm pleased by how often the idiots do.

    Yes, thanks for the potion! I wanted a legitimate way to make Erin a witch, and I was getting desperate. I think Erin may need to learn Alchemy when she takes over the ISBI so that I can have a stack of various Supernatural potions available when I need them.

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