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  1. It's fascinating to see Hetal being this evil to everybody in the house – but it's fun, too 😀 This is the great thing about huge (sim-)families: there is always something going on. Sometimes too much to talk about all of it, though.^^

  2. Yeah, I always try to make a post about EVERYTHING that's entertaining. I can't help myself. But I'm playing an ISBI for these little autonomous moments, so I want to add them to the chronicle.

    I am so frustrated at the firefighter profession right now. Allison has been dragging along getting 2 people per day for her LTW and sometimes not even that. She has 4 to go and only two more work days before Erin ages up. But there are these really big jobs that she has never ever gotten. I'm so tempted to cheat and trigger one, but it would be cheating :(.

    If she doesn't get that LTW, I am going to be so ticked off.

  3. I didn't mean that as a bad thing, quite the contrary – catching these little moments is one part of playing The Sims, and I love reading all about them.

    Oh, that sounds really tricky. It would suck if she missed her LTW, so close to fulfilling it, before you make her an NPC. I keep my fingers crossed for her/you! 🙁

  4. The house looks lovely, I always laugh at the fire truck in the front yard 🙂 Hetal and Caitlin have a special relationship don't they? Last chapter they were all buddy-buddy and this chapter Hetal freaking out at her 😀

  5. I'll spoil it and say that YES Allison did get her LTW! Just barely, but that's all it takes!

    Erin just took over in gameplay. I'm trying to get my creative drive going so I can catch up the blog.

  6. I love Allison's fire truck too. Now that it's fully upgraded, it is VERY fast. However, during work hours, it will take her anywhere, but it won't take her home — it will only go to the fire house. Ha.

    I never did figure out what prank Caitlin pulled that made Hetal so mad. I've certainly never seen a sim autonomously slap another sim before!

  7. I am very pleased with Hetal. She's a lot of fun. And now that Erin's ready to look for a mate, we'll get to see how William fares. I gave him his traits, though, and I think he's a pretty good match for Buffy's Spike. In other words, he's going to be a horrible pain in the ass :).

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