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  1. Sorry, I forgot to comment here 🙁

    I can see how the cats make Allison's day, even when she has trouble dealing with her kids leaving. They are hilarious, and soo cute!

    Deanne turned out etremely pretty, I didn't expect that. Not many sims look good with that hairstyle, but she really does.

  2. The kitties are so cut, the marking are so beautiful. Erin's the only kid left 🙁 I remember when she was jus a baby. I hate it when the firefighters show up late and change you because you already have to buy new stuff. Great chapter, can't believe how many e-mails I missed!

  3. Hey, good to see you, Kira!

    I've played stupidly far ahead — like halfway through Erin's generation — and I'm trying to get it all on the blog. So I have another post in the works and hope to keep up the pace.

    As soon as I get farther, I'm ready for a cat poll too. More kittens next chapter.

  4. Deanne did turn out pretty cool — Allison's face on those really dramatic colors. She doesn't seem like Allison at all, really.

    I'm sorry to lose each kid as they go, but I have StoryProgression notifications to make me feel better :).

    Not sure how many posts till the next generation. It really was a long slog on Allison's LTW.

  5. I accessed your blog! Yay!!

    Wow! Deanne is gorgeous! She looks too much like Ali though, whereas Erin is pretty but still has very interesting features. It must be hard for Erin now. Nobody to torment and tease! No older sister to steal clothes and makeup from … She'd better grow up quickly and marry William!

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