3 comments on “2.34 We Will Survive

  1. Yes, that picture you took of Victoria with her head all the way in the toilet bowl, on the Samples’ last Simantics, was pretty gross. Congratulations to Erin on her promotion and saving Aurora Skies from so many criminals!

    • Ha. I did post a teen with head in the toilet on both blogs. It was totally a coincidence. The one of Vickie was taken taken and collected into that Simantics compendium before I even moved to WordPress. I think Gideon’s escapade is grosser because you don’t want to get too close to a toilet in an ISBI….

      Erin’s chance of making her Private Investigator LTW is pretty slim, and only have one of the youngest kids is heir. She’s about one case from topping out the career. Then I’m going to have to see if she has a shot at a skill-based LTW. Ah, well. The PI career has been a whole lot of fun.

  2. What a dreadful birthday party…it’s understandable that no one was really in the mood to party after this terrible incident, though. It’s great that Erin tries to pull herself together and is there for her kids, at least most of the time, because that’s exactly what they need know. Grieving is good, but she needs to be a role-model in terms of moving on now. 🙂

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