10 comments on “1.1 Supernatural Hunter

  1. Ooooh, mate poll! I like it!

    The house is really cute. Too bad the cats can't make it up the stairs.

    I like seeing all of the supernaturals. I haven't played enough to have encountered anyone interesting in my Moonlight Falls game.

    Interesting trivia… Gladsten up there looks exactly like my real live husband! So weird.

  2. Mate polls are fun! 🙂 I'm interested in seeing all the supernaturals in the game (I don't have that ep) so it should be really fun reading this story.
    The cats are precious.

  3. Oh, pleaaaase post another chapter soon – I am dying to read more of Allison's stories. Her way of telling us what happens in her life cracks me up!

  4. Cats can make it up normal stairs, can't they? I was sure I watched the cat in my Avalon test house walk up the stairs to hide under the bed. I was really surprised that the spiral stairs turned out to be such a problem. Something to keep in mind for pets homes, I guess.

    Ha! I guess your husband is the outdoorsy type :).

    My hubbie has the personality of Cycl0n3, but I don't think I've seen a sim who looks like him. The closest was probably Julian Ursine in my game, who was Claire Ursine's kid by some unknown other sim.

  5. I'm enjoying just jumping into the deep end of the supernatural pool without anything needing to make sense :).

    I think the cats are being incredibly cute. They're already close friends and spend endless amounts of time playing with each other. Of course, there's no space or money for a lot of toys, so their entertainment options are limited.

  6. Wow, thanks!!

    I have one more post lined up, and that's as far as I've played. I'll get on it! You and DragonWife have both gotten a chance to write a really random, stream-of-consciousness sim in first person. Now it's my turn. It's as much fun to write as it is to read.

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