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  1. Holy…. Branden certainly looks interesting. Who says babies always have to be cute, anyway….

    That one picture of Cheshire, where she is sitting in the kitchen and ACTUALLY SMILING is creepy, yet really cute! 😀

    And yay for another baby! 🙂

  2. Yeah, I was going for interesting, but Branden came out pretty scary! I think he got a lot of Jin's genes.

    I will say that it's a good thing that the next mate is already chosen (William) because we're going to need to inject some pretty genes into this legacy!

    I thought the pic of Cheshire looked like he's just broken something and didn't want you to notice. Like the proverbial cat that ate the canary.

  3. Yay! Glad to see you back! Hope the business trip goes well for you.

    I don't like those MacDuff guys! Very creepy and to be honest, Jin can do better! I wonder how Hetal will get on with this pregnancy … she hasn't exactly bonded with the baby has she? Speaking of Branden, I think he's cute in a scary, intense way. He doesn't look like he has the good trait at all!

  4. I agree, interesting is the best way to describe Branden! It's nice that Jin is such a good grandma, too. Baby help is always very handy!

    I wonder if Hetal will show more interest in the baby to whom she actually gives birth.

    Dinah is lovely! Will there be kittens soon?

    Also, congrats on the block breaking business trip! How handy for us that you had so much idle time!

  5. Yay Branden's a toddler he is pretty cute I'm sure the nose will um fit his face when hie is older. I can't wait to see kittens since themom and dad are so different the kittens will look super amazing! Which by the way is how wonderful your capter was! 😀

  6. Actually, I think his nose and ears are even worse than his eyebrows – although they DO look very scary.

    Can't wait for William and his genes <3

    And yes, now that you talk about it – the picture really makes Cheshire look "innocent". Your photographing skills are great 😀

  7. Hurray for boring business trips then!

    Dinah is adorable, and I've been downloading cats with the intent of doing a feline genetic legacy at some point(was it you who first posted the link to Callista's Crazy Colourful Cats? I've gone kind of mad and downloaded around half of them). I'd love a link to her.

    Branden though, is not adorable. Scary, and kind of cute in a potentially murderous fashion, but not adorable. I love his little pointy ears though, and those eyes will be stunning when he's older and they're a little less sunken. Have you posted his traits somewhere?

  8. Heh. I keep looking at Branden and trying to figure out exactly where the really bad genes came from. Hetal's features are much milder, so it has to be Jin, but I haven't pegged exactly which body part.

    The eyebrows are huge and evilly slanted, but they don't look like any of the three gene donors. The nose is huge, but I think the shape is Allison's. Jin and Hetal have pointy noses. The eyes are definitely from the Anjali side, but I actually think that eye shape is awesome.

  9. Actually, Hetal's nose is kind of lumpy, so maybe he has Hetal's nose. I have no clue where the big eyebrows come from, but I think I'll have to see how they change shape as he gets older.

  10. ok, Spike and Buffy..had a baby..named *Larry*. The only thing better would have been *Randy*. (God that lost memory episode cracked me up, as sad as it was at the center of it. *Randy Giles* I need to re-watch that series soon.)

    I'm in the minority I believe, but I think Branden is cool-looking. He'll grow into those features, and it's cool to have that sweet (good) baby looking all bad-ass. I just like it. *is random weird*

    Jin and Jules, creepy-cute or just creepy? I'm a-gonna goes with Creepy!

    And I am dying to ask: those wooden chairs, where did they come from? Plz tell me they are CC or sim 3 store and not expansion pack stuff. They would look perfect in my apocalypse setting I think. *hopes hopes hopes*

  11. Bwahaha! I hadn't even thought of that. I loved that episode, but I never did care for the idea that Spike would steal someone's clothes in order to avoid a fight. I mean, Spike avoid a fight? Ever??

    I'm glad you like Branden. I kind of like Branden too, and he's grown on me a lot over time. I'm very curious to see what he'll look like as an adult.

    I think Jin and Jules was just creepy. Considering that *Hetal* is the flirty sim, Jin is the one with the chain of men dragging along behind her. We might find her face scary, but to Moonlight Falls, she's a MILF.

    And you're in luck! The chairs are from the Happily Ever After Cottage set. I later swapped them out for the slightly cheaper folding chairs because this family really lives hand-to-mouth and I'm always selling furniture to buy something they need. Plus I like the really cheap look in their house :). I intend to use those chairs if I ever do the NIF challenge though.

  12. Well, since I'm buying Generations tonight I'll put off buying the perfect-looking chairs. But I will get them! So glad you remembered where they came from- *hugs*

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