0 comments on “1.10 Now the Chaos REALLY Starts

  1. Oh, wow. Three kids – that is going to be fun. I hope, no, I PRAY that they don't both have faces as "interesting" as their brother's…
    Besides that, Good and Insane is an interesting combination for Caitlin (lovely name)!

  2. Twins! That's pretty exciting! I hope Hetal is willing to help out now… though Jin is an amazingly helpful idiot. Everything is going pretty smoothly so far, anyway.

    I love that the witches are all Good (and Insane)!

  3. Ooh! Twins! Good luck with that 😉

    Caitlin is one of my all time favourite names, so I'm glad you chose that one!

    I do think it's hilarious that the witch children are both good. It looks like you'll be having a battle between good and evil before long in the Wonderland household. Also, I bet you are relieved that Jin forced her way into your house now. She's been such a help to you so far.

  4. Yeah, I'm fascinated by how well the idiots have been doing on autonomy. Though right now they haven't been able afford such time-sinks as a computer. With the Samples, if someone is left on autonomy, they usually go play computer games.

    Jin is an Angler, and I really intended to have Allison drop her off someplace to fish, but right now I think she's the only thing keeping the family from complete fail.

    Also, Allison gets to be the least interesting character because she's the only one doing the big stuff that needs to be done.

  5. *whines* argh, I'm at work and I keep having to stop reading and do *work*.
    RL, you fail me. 🙁

    Winter is so pretty. I've read a lot of simmers saying it's their favorite season. So shiny…

    The pic of Branden with his car..hmmm, is he doing witchy things? *is Supernatural deprived* I still think he'll grow into most of his features.

    Random twins..your random theme is awesome the way it just comes together…randomly. 😀 Hey, aren't we getting kittens? I swear there were some hearts and furniture jumping.

  6. Hee!

    I really dig Seasons. It adds a huge amount of character to the game. And winter is the prettiest, but I have a soft spot for fall because it's my favorite season in real life.

    Yeah, it seems like all the supernatural toddler have some special play animations. Branden was making his toy disappear and then making it reappear. It's cuter in motion :).

  7. I did not know about the different animations, that's really cool. What do the other kids do?

    Hey, don't get all 'catty' with me cause the game decided to spam you with kittens. Get it? Catty? Kittens? *Please stop me now* 😀 😀 😀

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