0 comments on “1.11 This is a !@#$ Lot of Babies

  1. Peanut is adorable! Poor thing, being born and abandoned in the snow, though!

    Naps drive me nuts in my wishacy. They get no rest and, yet, they won't pop up the sleepy moodlet anymore so you can try to send them to bed again. I imagine that Jin is better at sleeping on benches than most, though. Wasn't she homeless?

    Babysitters are so hit and miss, even without glitches messing them up!

  2. Peanut is such a little cutie!!! Perfect mix of his parents.

    Why don't you get sleeping bags for the idiots? That way, they'll get a decent nights rest wherever they crash. I've read a few ISBIs that make full use of this feature. Still, after being the official legacy babysitting slave, she is entitled to go a little crazy 🙂

  3. I've decided to get sleeping bags for my idiots… it hasn't completely eliminated the passing out but at least they sleep better than on random benches!

  4. Well, it seems like when you give idiots a sleeping bag, then they tend to get out and sleep in random places instead of going to their own bed. I REALLY like seeing sims sleep in their own bed. It's a thing.

    Also, I seem to recall that you don't get very good sleep with a sleeping bag, and if I can ever get the Wonderlands to afford nice beds, then in theory all the idiots could get better sleep.

    I actually haven't had any passing out yet, though Jin sure could've gotten a lot more out of her afternoon out if she'd had one. :-p

  5. Sorry, had to work and then come home and sleep, and now I'm back to the entertainment section of life! Hey, is it *snowing* in those first few nursery pics? Snowing *in* the nursery? Or is that a camera angle seen through a window?

    Wow Jin is working herself to the bone, with the housework and helping with all the nooboo's. She and Hetal seem to be pretty great idiots.

    The Holiday lights are so pretty and shiny. EA babysitters suck 9 times out of 10, why don't they have it the other way around? A bad babysitter should be rare, darn it!

    Yay for work clothes and kittens, he is a cutie pie and I love the name Peanut almost too much. Poor Jin got stood up and then napped in the snow? She deserves some rest, poor thing.

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