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  1. I think you should do it. I don't know what your age spans are like, but surely Branden must be getting close to aging up by now, so worst case scenario you should only have four toddlers for a few days. And the pregnancy moodlet is a good little happiness boost for an unhappy sim.

    Also, it would be fun to watch.

  2. Definitely go for it! And, if they get taken away, Allison and Hetal can always have more!

    Peanut is adorable.

    Poor Spike! And poor Jin! Those two really need a break.

    I loved Allison's firefighting scenes… she's right, she's very heroic! I've never played a fire fighter, but I love that they get to chop through things with their axes!

  3. Allison is so full of win. She's the coolest firefighter ever … quite literally actually, considering she was putting out the fire in the snow in her outerwear.

    Also, yay babies! DO IT! Come and join me on the crazy train 😉 *spoiler*

  4. Peanut is adorable, will he getting any siblings? I personally don't like playing with four baby/toddlers but you might. I would weight it with how much more she needs to make it to her LTW since another pregnancy will have her off work again.

  5. **SQISHES PEANUT VERY HARD** He is ADORA-BLES! Can kittens be downloaded? *needs to find out* <3<3<3

    William's face, heehee, I don't think he liked whatever Mr fairy was doing, but Spike never was one for much of the mo-jo, was he? 😀

    Um, don't the social workers take all the babies when they visit, or just the neglected one? Not sure I would risk it, but someone always says 'the more the merrier'. (Um, no, the more the bigger the risk of someone being described on the five o'clock news as 'they always seemed so quiet'.) 😛

  6. Moar babies is always better! I love the babies, and never have any trouble with multiples, even in my ISBI. Thus why I got a mod to have a higher chance of multiples 🙂

  7. Thanks so much for reading and commenting!

    I have a lot more kids in this challenge than I usually do because I'm trying to get interesting genetic mixes. With a lot of people in the house, I USUALLY don't have too much trouble. I don't have anything increasing my chance of multiples, though. I might have to think about that. It's a fun surprise when they happen.

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