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  1. I still want to know where those eyebrows come from! Both Branden and Caitlin get the crazy eyebrows and Christof gets none? I'm not sure why I'm so fascinated by that, but I am.

    Poor Allison missing all of the birthdays! It is pretty funny that she's just standing there staring at the wall. Usually they eventually turn around to celebrate!

    Branden is still very interesting looking.

    The playpen looks very handy, especially with so many toddlers in the house!

  2. Those eyebrows are a great mystery. I'm going to have to wait until they get older and see if anything starts to look like one of their family.

    I think Branden looks somewhat less creepy as a child. I'll have to see how he grows into that face.

    Allison has the delicate almost penciled-in eyebrows, and Christof got those.

  3. Well, Caitlin is kind of sweet 🙂 Christof still looks a little scary,though. And Branden as a kid… oh my!

    Nice to see the kids grow up – it happens so fast! 🙁 Before we know it, they will all be teens..

  4. I like Christof. He looks frighteningly old and wise for a toddler, like he sees into your soul. Of course, he's the only one of them who isn't a witch, and I don't think he has pointed ears either.

  5. I'm in agreement with you about the kids. Christoff seems to have the most promising genetics. Having said that, I can't get enough of Branden's eye shape … those uplifted eyebrows look so funny on a good sim! He always looks like he's plotting nefarious deeds. Maybe against his evil mother Hetal?

    I did the same and bought Aurora Skies because of the toddler content. The ability for toddlers to skill themselves was too much for me to resist!!

  6. I'm still being biased and keeping Branden for my fave. 😛 Although the twins are sweet.

    You got the playpen, cool! I think that and the walker will be godsends for over-worked ISBI torch holders everywhere.

    More kittens, yay! Do your mods let pets do random pregnancies or do you just want more adorablz kittens?

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