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  1. Aww the twins are cuties, Deanne is so so so so cute! I love the green skin on her. Everyone in thier own beds…. O.O Wow that should get points I know from in game Isbi challges that only two at the most would ever go to bed at the same time let alone thier own beds, Graet chapter!:D

  2. All of the kids aged up so cute! I'm glad that Allison finally had a chance to go through the whole cake thing.

    I am so impressed that everyone is sleeping at the same time! In their beds! That should definitely get you a bonus.

    I enjoyed seeing the muscle shirt… why do they like that so much?!

  3. Wow … looks like Branden is going through his moody teenage years a bit earlier than most kids. Maybe he's jealous of his younger brother and sisters?

    Also, congratulations once again on accomplishing the impossible. I have difficulty getting all my sims to bed on time and I don't even control them!!!

  4. Well, I'm not sure if it's remarkable that the sims went to bed in the CORRECT bed. The University patch provided a bed-assignment feature that doesn't require you to direct the sim to do anything. I've been using that. Jin has never tried to sleep in Allison and Hetal's bed, and Hetal has never tried to sleep in Jin's bed.

    However, I'm not going to reassign beds if it gets screwed up unless I move the beds or move houses, so we'll see how things go with six (and soon seven) sims in the house who use beds.

    But they DID all go to bed, which is really amazing. I took that shot at about 2am. Caitlin was the last to bed because she peed herself and then walked in on Branden in the shower when she tried to get clean, and they had the little shooing dance. I didn't report that because I didn't get a pic :-p. So it's probably a stretch to say that they got to bed ON TIME, but all three kids should have at least 4 hours of sleep before school — provided they make it to school. I haven't played the morning, so we'll see!

  5. I think this is the 7th Wonderland family birthday (if you don't count me caking Hetal to make her a YA), and Deanne is the first time the birthday cake went off properly. Woot!

    I am very intrigued by both Caitlin and Christof. I think that kid faces often look a little strange and not a good forecast of what the adults will be, so I eagerly await the teen birthday for both of them. Well, Branden too. It's possible he could grow into that face in an interesting way.

    !@#$ muscle shirt!

    I think upon further thought, I am not going to let the idiots dress themselves. I want to inject the Allison Wonderland theme where I can, and clothing seems like a place I can do it. Both Christof and Caitlin did not age up wacky enough and will be getting makeovers. Also, Christof really needs a hairstyle to show off his red tips.

  6. Haha! Branden has not once come home from school until curfew. The police don't pick him up, but he hangs around on the school grounds until the game curfew warning. Sulky kid who doesn't want to be seen with his seriously uncool family, I guess. I'd expect that from Christof, since he's still sane.

    I guess we'll see what the other two kids do now!

  7. I really like Deanne as a toddler – the twins are cute in a very unique way, just like Branden! Wow. A day full of birthdays is always bad for the sims' needs. But when they are on free will, it seems almost impossible to get through this day without anything really bad happening. For that, it still worked out pretty well 😀

  8. And I'm all caught up here! Wow, I've never seen a wish like that one, see the fiery ghost of Jin! Really specific want-you-to-die-like-this-please wish. But I love that Hetal did a spell on the fire, and then Allison was all, no-no-I'm-not-upset while she brought it up every other sentence. Hah!

    The birthday madness was so silly, and then everyone got to sleep except for one naughty kitty. Glad you found a mod to fix the cats, it's crazy how the food being left out was messing them up.

    I'm really seriously thinking of buying Generations, IF I can find a mod that will let me cancel the 'grounding' and/or scolding thing out. I've read so many blogs that have that action where they get scolded for being a minute late for school, but then it snowballs into an endless crazy cycle of scolding which keeps making them late. But I want the marrying and giving flowers and bedtime stories and pranks and all the good stuff So Bad!

    Hey, I asked a few chapies back, but I really wanted to know where you got those 'log' chairs that just disappeared on you, if you remember. Thanks a bunch.

  9. Hetal is Evil. I think only Evil sims have wishes to see other sims dead.

    The birthday was so Wonderland :).

    Generations is $18 on Amazon Download right now! You know you want it!

    There are several flavors of mods to restrict scolding. I only want to turn of scolding for being late to school because that one is broken. It does trigger if the child is still on the lot by the time school starts, even if the child is executing the "Go to School" action but hasn't made it off the lot. Then the kid ends up being scolded and not going to school at all, plus it frequently makes the parent late for work. Not well thought-out. And, worse, you can't cancel and autonomous scold action. I got so that I'd reset Charles and Veronica from the command line if they tried to scold one of the triplets on their way to school. But, interestingly, I never got around to installing a scolding mod, and I haven't had any trouble with it in the Wonderlands — even when Branden stayed home from school. So odd…

    I believe Twoftmama has a bunch of flavors of scolding tweaks. It requires free registration at her site Naughty Sims Asylum, but it's good — it's a fine site, well-maintained, and quite safe. The only scolding that's broken is the late to school one. I want to keep scolding for bad grades, scolding for being caught pranking, and scolding for being dragged home by the police after curfew (the last being base-game).

    Did you see my other comment replies? You're in luck about those chairs. They're from the Once Upon a Time Cottage store set from EA.

  10. You know, the kids from this generation might be a bit frightening, but I'm starting to think they might make very interesting babies with William. Tone down those features with some hot hot Spike action, and you could get something VERRRY interesting.

    I am very entertained by how many disasters the Wonderlands can trigger in such a short time :).

  11. Yeah, I am so boring and predictible when it comes to the traits, that's why I'm forcing myself to roll some of them for this story. Evil has not been a trait I've played much, so that's why I've never seen that wish.

    Here's the evil comment that made me go to Amazon. Ya know that's called 'enabling', right? 'feeding the addiction?' 'dangling a carrot in front of a horse'. Thanks!!! 🙂

    I'll try to play it first and see if it is broken, but thanks for the heads up on mods. I'll keep them in mind, no wait, I'll WRITE them down so if I need them I can check them out.

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