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  1. Yikes! A house that eats people?! That's fantastically horrible!

    Side note: the description of that house sounds disturbingly like the house I'm living in right now… but we have 2 bathrooms instead of 1…

  2. I think I was the first to download it and play in it. There are way more people who love designing and posting houses than there are players who want to play in a house someone else built.

    I did report my weirdness on the thread, so I'll see if the builder has any insight, he might fix it and repost.

  3. It really was fantastically horrible. I wish I could have captured more of it to share! I have never had anything glitch out with this much pizzaz.

    I knew you bought and were renovating a fixer-upper, but wow. You are more woman than I. Hubby and I considered ourselves do-it-yourselfers until we spawned, but you have three kids. I'd love to hear more about your real-life place.

  4. I really should blog about this place. It's been (and continues to be) kind of crazy!

    That would have been an awesome glitch to see… right up there with my crazy invisible baby in Generation 2 of the Hodgins!

  5. Well, hey, if you decide to post more about it on a blog or Facebook, I'll read eagerly!

    HunkyJoon up there in the comments once had a playable electrocution ghost glitch out such that it spewed beams of light out from her face and hands. And wore baby clothes. And she didn't have any CC. Until now, that was the most amazing glitch I'd ever seen. Tho baby Loralei was pretty close.

  6. The creator says he playtested the lot for a week and never had an issue and that he doesn't use building cheats at all.

    I created a fresh empty lot in the world because there was no empty lot of the correct size. Now I'm wondering if the glitch wasn't something in Moonlight Falls itself.

    If that's the case, I may put this house on a different lot sometime and see if it's playable. But for right now, I am sick of troubleshooting and want to play.

  7. No wonder the house was on the market so cheap. Look on the bright side … you've stumbled across a great screenplay for a horror movie. You can make a fortune!!!

    In all seriousness though, I'm sorry that you've had so much trouble. Sometimes this game can be so frustrating. 🙁

  8. OMG, I know this was probably making you pull your hair out, but this sentence: When the house ate Allison, I finally gave up. That sentence is *awesome*. 😀

  9. I’ve had the floating and disappearing Sim problem before – I know this was like, 2+ years ago, but if you “move objects ON” and a move a Sim, they tend to float around and through things. I’ve found the best way to fix any floating or disappearing Sim is to move everyone but one out, then merge them back in, and then move out the one Sim you kept behind, and move them back in.

    I do hope you managed to play with this house, it sounds perfect!!!!

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