0 comments on “1.19 Lovin’ All Day Long

  1. Go Jin! It's about time she got some good lovin'. (I was amazed that she managed all of that on her own until I read your end note…)

    Poor Deanne, though. Left all alone while Grandma gets her groove on. It was nice of you to send Allison and Hetal to rescue her.

    Caitlin is fantastic! I love it when sims clean up after themselves. Hetal, not so much.

  2. After watching Jin's love life for most of a generation, I just had to do something!

    There are SO MANY cats. I only wanted two kittens. I'll be putting up an heir vote for the cats as soon as the kittens age up, which will be in another post or two.

  3. I'm pretty sure those romantic actions are not autonomous by default.

    I think Caitlin is the most adorable of the first three, and probably the most competent! I think her nose may be frightening by the time she reaches adult, though :).

    Man, where did everyone in our simblog circle go, anyway? I hear crickets chirping. I don't understand why people feel compelled to have a life rather than sit at their computers and look for new legacy blog posts.

  4. I know, right? People should totally be spending their time entertaining me!

    Maybe Caitlin will grow into her nose? Branden seems to be doing a little better as he ages…

  5. Oh, my. That sounds like an awful lot of work! 😀 But no kid was taken away by social services yet, so they're still good. Most of the time. 😉
    Off to read your next chapter immediately – you post too fast for me..

  6. Haha! You just made it difficult for yourself by getting a life.

    I hadn't posted in ages on either blog, even though I was playing, so now I'm on a posting spree. I have a couple more posts queued up to release every day or two. I'll try to slow them down.

  7. Jin is *mostly* a great grandmother, so it's fitting that she deserves her happily ever after. Hetal's pass out cracked me up … I've never seen that happen before.

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