7 comments on “1.20 NIghtmare on Huckleberry Lane

  1. Oh, I can't tell you how much I loved this glitched house! I like how you made it part of the story so that we could see it. Those pics are fantastic! (And, the more I see of the house, the more it reminds me of my own house.)

    Also, clown-Allison! I didn't even know that could happen! (Is that Seasons? I need Seasons.)

    Why did Allison have to carry the kittens to the new place? Can they not ride with the adult cats?

  2. The Gllitched house looks pretty messed up! I have the floor sleeping mid-air problem too usually it is because you moveobjects on a person and they think even when you turn it off they can still go though stuff. Make sure to wish Hetal and Branden a happy birthday from me ;)Great chapter even though it was all a "dream" 😀 😀 😀

  3. I really want to know more about your real house now!

    Actually the tragic clown thing is from Supernatural. They have that transporter booth called the LLAMA that you can make yourself if you're a high-level supernatural something. There are several of them around Moonlight Falls. One of Twallan's mods makes them general routing objects, so when Allison goes to City Hall, sometimes she uses them. There's some small chance that the spell will backfire and turn the victim into a tragic clown.

    I have no idea why Allison walked to the new place with the kittens. Branden and Caitlin each carried one in the car.

  4. Stupid Blogger ate my reply. Let me see if I can reproduce it, because I'm stubborn.

    Good grief. I HOPE I didn't glitch the house myself. I DID use moveobjects on some of the sims while I was remodeling because with a household this large, someone is always standing in the exact place you want to put something. However, this particular visual glitch reset itself after I reloaded. The big problems I couldn't get a screen shot of, which was that sims sank through the floor in the middle of the house rather than using the stairs, and then the disappearing into the unroutable oubliette.

    My current theory is that I put the lot on some kind of world object or spawner that screwed something up. Which is sad. The house might be fine if I put it someplace else. But for right now I'm going to play and not try to move again.

  5. Actually, the house looked pretty nice from the outside. The inside was a little creepy, but fitted the family. Too bad they lost it. But like it's already been said, I love how you made that a part of the story. Re-reading this chapter partly makes it sound like a dream, too! It really does 🙂

  6. What a great way of showing the nightmare house whilst staying true to the story. Is it bad that I'm almost glad you had so many glitches because this was hilarious!

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