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  1. Hmmm… litter box… right…

    This is a much nicer birthday celebration for Hetal than the one Allison dreamed! I'm also impressed that all of the kids went to school. I can hardly get more than one of my idiot children to go to school on any given day.

  2. Heh. No, seriously. The nausea moodlet said it was from the litter box. No "unknown causes." I swear.

    I've actually had incredibly good luck with the kids going to school. They'll stay up all night and go to school with their sleep motive totally in the red, "learn" for a couple of hours, and then leave the school to pass out on the lawn. Caitlin and Christof have gone to school every single school day, and only in today's play session did they get school performance above neutral.

  3. Hetals's birthday seems to have gone way better, love the pond poor kittens are half way into the water though! I love the new background!! 😀 And it's great that your sims finally get a good bed. Great chapter 😀

  4. I'm going to join the consensus and state that I'm glad that Hetals "non-imaginary" birthday went off without a hitch. The real question is, will Brandens?

    I LOVE that bed! Where did it come from?

  5. Thanks! Glad you liked the pond. I'm a pretty lousy builder and landscaper, so I usually don't do much myself.

    The cat's are drinking from the pond, that's why they're so close. The animation isn't very precise — sometimes they have their whole head underwater. It turned out that having a pond had an extra benefit. The cats can drink from it to fill their hunger motive if nobody fills up the food dish.

  6. Hee! Well the PLAN for Hetal's original "dream" birthday was that the whole family would move to the house and Hetal would get her cake in the new kitchen. But since Allison inexplicably decided to walk there, it took her hours, and Hetal aged up standing in the driveway while all the idiots were waiting. I figured that the dream would serve as a warning.

    The bed was one of my big scores from the EA simpoint mystery bags. It's called the Fortress of Shared Dreams and was apparently from a set of stuff that EA ported from Sims Medieval just for the mystery bags. I didn't think I bought THAT many simpoint bundles, but it looks like I got about half of the items in that set: http://www.thesimalogue.com/ts3s-simpoints-november-2011.html

    I also have both chairs, the bookshelf, the teddy knight, and the unicorn statue. I wish I'd gotten the dining table.

    It always bugs me when EA puts up promotional stuff that CAN'T be obtained any other way. They did a Dr. Pepper promotion a couple of years ago that contained items designed for a third Through the Spyglass set that was never released. I pretty much hate all soft drinks, and I still might've bought Dr. Pepper to get more Alice in Wonderland stuff, but the promotion was long over when I learned about it. I finally stopped sulking about it and tracked down a legally-gray download. It's not like EA hasn't sucked plenty of money from me. It's great stuff: http://www.beyondsims.com/30913/alice-in-wonderland-dr-pepperea-promotion-items-are-available/

  7. Phew, for a second I was really scared that they were going to have another child 😀 That would probably have been too much. Well, maybe not, but obviously the amount of children they have now is more than enough 😉

  8. I have that "beds all have the same energy" mod, and it's one of my favourites. Such a stupid idea to say that cheaper beds mean you have to sleep longer. Uncomfortable is understandable, but not the longer sleep. So I fixed it 🙂 Though yes, it is absolutely ridiculous that the bunkbeds all have the same values, some of them cost over $1000! I think the best value cheaper bed is the horse one from Pets – it has 6 value when a whole bunch of the others around the same price have 4.

    That Adult picture of Hetal shows what a cool face she has – even though I can see the angry eyebrows, they work for her.

  9. I have that mod now. I didn't have it then. I like the idea of more expensive beds providing more benefits. That's kind of a core to the whole materialistic game mechanic of Sims :). I don't like that the items don't actually MATCH that. Really expensive things have the same stats as really cheap things. And when you get really wealthy, there are almost no single beds with comfort of 8-9 and none for 10.

    Hetal looks wicked, but in a good way. I thought she added really fun genes :).

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