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  1. Branden aged up nice! I like that your showing all the kids personality's(Forgive me it's that's spelled wrong) in this chapter. Another baby!!! Allison might drop dead, but me on the other hand would love to see another little wonderland (maybe this time a blond) Great chapter as always! 😀

  2. Hubba, hubba, Branden! That gene pool sure turned out cool-looking kids. And I thought the new pregnancy was hilarious, in a schedenfredian (sp?) kind of way, heh heh heh.

  3. It's nice to see Branden growing into his face! He's such a sweet kid. I think it's interesting how well he and Jin get on. My good and evil sims never got along very well, even when they were parent and child. (Though, now that I think about it, that might have been mostly once they were teens.)

    The new pregnancy is hilarious! That's a whole lot of kids to raise! Maybe it's the game's way of punishing you for messing with the last kid…

  4. Thanks!

    I'm getting over being upset about the fifth kid. I've never been masochistic enough to take on five kids, but at least the fifth came late enough that the fourth was almost a child. Only one toddler at a tim.

    It's hard to differentiate characters in an ISBI because they're all wandering around doing similar wacky stuff, but I do want them to get to be characters. I'm trying to single out distinctive bits about all of them. Branden isn't a Loner by trait, but he really doesn't ever come home from school, and he usually won't eat with them family. Christof has made it all the way to childhood without being Insane, which makes it highly likely he won't be b/c getting a idiot kid to get an A in school is a daunting task. Especially with four other kids competing for attention. Caitlin seems to be cute without even trying.

    Deanne is a child in gameplay, but she hasn't been one long. I don't know what she'll shape up to be.

  5. Hee! Spell schadenfreudian!! I like that spelling myself. I think we can spell it however we like ;).

    Branden looks fabulous. Now I really feel vindicated by calling the mate vote on Hetal. Next play session I get to see what Christof and Caitlyn look like as teens. I can't wait.

  6. But I already GOT my just desserts for replacing Deanne. Her face is such a close match to Allison's that unless her teen face turns up something expected, she's not even a candidate for heir :(.

    Jin's actually not Evil. Hetal is. Jin is Ambitious (poor dear), Angler, and Flirty. And two other things. She's just made to look like a wicked witch.

    Branden doesn't talk to Hetal often, so there may be something to the trait incompatibility thing. Of course, he's the biggest loner of the kids anyway despite not having the Loner trait.

  7. Hahaha, I just wrote a comment on your last post that I was glad the throwing up didn't come from another pregnancy… 😀 Note to self: read newest chapter first, THEN comment. Oh, my. That is going to be fun.

    Branden really aged up kind of well. He's still a little creepy, but also very grown-up now.

  8. Clearly, Hetal's face looks so much better on a boy. He looks so regal 🙂

    Is it wrong that I'm actually happy about the new baby? Poor Alison, considering she's going to be the one that actually raises this child.

    What is it with Bailey Swain and dead dudes? Even the re-animated dead want a piece …

  9. Lots of kids mean more hilarity, which is always a plus. Branden should be good to sort himself out now, only really have to worry about him breaking curfew.

    I should check out the Retuner, seems so helpful to just adjust the things you want in game, rather than trying to find mods for them.

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