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  1. I'm amazed at how many kids Allison and Hetal ended up with! That's so many idiots!

    Jin and the invisible hot tub was hilarious. Go, Jin!

    I love seeing Spike.

    What's with the random people running through the house?

  2. Poor Jin that sunburn turned her camo colored XD Erin seems cute, sure are a lot of kids though. Lovely car! Sorry about all the glitches I know how much of a bother they are! Great chapter 😀

  3. Those random people really cracked me up – but Allison handled it so well! "It's like a giant game of tag" 😀

    Yay for another baby girl! 🙂 Your description afterwards confused me a little, but as long as the baby turns out interesting, I'm with whatever you did before it was born. 😉

    Good luck with five toddler/children/teenie idiots, that will be a lot of fun…and bedtime stories.

  4. Amhranai, I just meant that I used MasterController to set the baby to be a girl. Since William Pierce (Spike) tied in the mate poll, we kind of decided that the Generation 2 heir would have babies with him. Plus it's good to have a beautiful mate to combine with the, um, quirky Anjali features. Since I'm a diehard Spike fan who likes him to be straight, I was interested in having more girl Wonderland babies.

    I'm thrilled about Erin rolling Hetal's skintone. Now if she'd just be blonde. But I have played several posts ahead, so I already know the answer to that.

    I almost fell out of my chair when Jin went to woohoo in the ground with Chauncey. That should get an award for one of the most awesome glitches ever.

  5. I have NO IDEA what's up with the people running through the house. It has happened from time to time, but during this sequence it was almost nonstop. They seem to start in the garage, run through the living room door, then dash out the front door. Often they pop up a notice, "I'm sorry! Something came up and I have to go!" or whatever. Good thing they have to go, because otherwise we'd have to KICK THEM OUT.

  6. Yay! I love the name Erin and I'm totally on board with you changing her gender. I really can't see Spike being gay so the more heiress options the better. You've nearly caught up with me and the crazy number of Bookabet kids! All I'm going to say is good luck!!

    Jin is so awesome. But her choice of a woohoo location sure looks painful!

    I think your townies are absolutely crazy and considering the Wonderlands are supposed to be the insane family on the block, that's saying something!!

  7. LOL, I have seen that invisible hot tub glitch in another legacy…think it was one of Jenn's, but I'm almost certain it wasn't in MF, so that's strange.

    Surrounded by Family is the easiest idiot LTW ever, I've read a bunch of ISBIs where people use the points to change it as you did – do it enough times and you'll get a bunch of 'completed LTW' points 🙂

  8. Ha! Yeah, I thought about doing Surrounded by Family over and over. But I think I'm going to go with the rule that you only get credit for a LTW one time. So Hetal got it, and I can't use Surrounded by Family again.

    I *think* that invisible hottub might have something to do with them being a festival lot. Maybe there's a hottub there during one of the other seasons? Then again, why would you put a hottub on a festival lot?

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